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The Absolute Best Coaching Program For Speakers… Bar None!

We Finally Reopen Our Coaching Program

$997 per month. 3 months commitment required.  Two one-on-one sessions with Rene per month. Each session lasts 1 hour. Show up with a note pad and a sheet of paper to list your action plan until the next call.

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It’s time to start sharing your story and message with the world. Stop procrastinating. Stop waiting for your situation to change. The reality is, your situation will only change when you take the plunge and put all you have into starting your speaking empire.

Something remarkable happens when you decide to help others live the best version of themselves. You automatically begin to change your very own situation. Simply put, the more you help others, the more the universe brings riches your way.

If you are truly committed to launching your speaking business, you should seriously make the sacrifice and enroll in this coaching program. However, this is NOT for those who are simply interested and checking out the speaking business. You must commit in spite of your obstacles and challenges.

If you are okay with the way things are and you don’t care to share your story on platforms to impact lives and create a transformation, this coaching program may not for you. Don’t take this an insult. Some people are ready and some are not.

It’s Time To Face Your Fear!

God did not give you a spirit of fear. He says you cannot serve two maters. Do not let your fear be a master over you. Let’s get started. We get to work on every aspect of your speaking and your inner game.

Together, we will…

  • Define your unique message and signature story
  • Identify the perfect market that will pay for it
  • Craft and deliver a spellbinding keynote
  • Design your highly persuasive marketing materials to sell yourself 24/7
  • Ninja tactics to mine the Internet for highly qualified leads that can book you to speak
  • Create a powerful outline for your best-selling book
  • Establish your positioning and credibility
  • Create epic content to dominate the Internet and social media
  • And much, much more…

This is not your regular run-of-the-mill free information you will find on the internet. It took me years to master.  And I spent close to 100K. Now, I am willing to hand all this to you on a silver platter.

You just need to follow through. I will do my part. But, if you don’t give it all you have, you won’t get the same result I got.

Make your first payment of $997 and you will instantly be directed to my private calendar to book your first session with me. Don’t wait another year. It will never be the right time to start. You have to make it so.

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