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Finally Ready To Step Out?

Let Me Hand You These Top Secrets To Instantly Launch Your Speaking Business, Change Lives And Influence

I am going to take a wild guess. You have some knowledge, a message, or experiences that you want to put out there. You want to empower, educate and uplift people. You’ve been told you have a special gift.

You can motivate, inspire and encourage others. You are ready to step out and share that message in a BIG way.

But… How do you go out there without the right kind of training and persuade meeting planners to put you on their stages when no one has heard of you? How do you package, structure, monetize and promote your knowledge in a way that serves others? How do you turn your skill, knowledge or experiences into high-value products, speeches, and coaching?

I took a survey on my site ( I asked people what’s stopping them from launching their speaking career. Can you guess what’s the number one reason that’s holding people back?

Nope. It’s not money, knowledge, or time. The number one reason is, they don’t know how to start. They don’t have a clue what’s the first step to take. Here’s really what worries me: Far too many people believe they need to have a special degree or education in order to be qualified to become a motivational speaker. I know! Because I receive emails about it.

They want to know what school to go to. Here’s the sad part. Many of them are afraid they will be rejected. They are terrified at the thought of having to stand in front of an audience and deliver. I can understand. I felt the same way, too. Let me explain.

Yes You Are More Than Qualified To Become A Motional Speaker – No Special Education Required

When I decided to step out and enter the speaking field, I was really confused. I was working as a doorman at a hotel in Atlanta. I had zero credibility. I was still learning English in this country. But I knew in my guts speaking was the thing for me.

I began to wonder if there was a school I could go to learn about speaking. I felt like I was not qualified. I felt like I didn’t know enough. Yes, I was reading a lot of personal development books and listening to CDs.

I had a bunch of stuff in my head. But I didn’t know how to package what I knew into in a speech, products, or coaching. Heck, I didn’t even know what coaching was. I had no connections or resources. I didn’t know where and how to start.

Besides, I was terrified to go out and speak in front of a bunch of strangers that are far more educated than me! I had never given a speech in my life before.

In fact, the first time I gave a speech I was trembling so much the lectern was shaking. Check this out: It was an icebreaker speech for a Toastmasters group. It was a five-minutes presentation where you get to talk about yourself.

I was supposed to tell the audience my age, the number of people in my family, where I’m from, etc. Guess what? I was so nervous I even forgot where I was from. Or maybe I should say forgot how to say it in English.

Back then when I got nervous all the twenty of English words I knew would check out on me. My heart was pounding like a horse galloping to win a race. And the audience was not that many. It was only nine people.

I was full of fears. Not knowing what to do to start, and the fact that my English was not good was really what held me back. They were the roots of my procrastination. They were the reasons I kept putting my dream on hold. I wish I knew better. I REALLY do.

Speaking was my calling. But, I felt like I had a LONG way to go before I could get ready. Finally, out of frustration, I decided to do something. I took some action. And I never look back. I went out and read a bunch of books on public speaking.

I spent thousands of hours and dollars to study with the giants in the industry. In one instance, I paid $12,000 to spend two days with a guru. I know what you’re thinking. I had a lot of money, right? Wrong! I was flat broke.

Back then I was making $4.25 an hour plus some tips. After paying my bills, I rarely had anything left for the rest of the week. Would you like to know what I did to find the money? I took a second mortgage on my house to finance my dream.

I needed to prove to myself and to the people around me that I was committed. I had to put my money where my mouth was. I was willing to do whatever it took to live my dreams instead of my fears.

You see, when you want a thing badly, you have to become a no-matter-what person. You have to do things most people would never dare want to do. Listen, the difference between success and failure.

The successful person does what the failure would not attempt do. Eventually, I cracked the code. I discovered the secrets through much trials and errors. I discovered how to get paid. More importantly, I started making a big impact.

I started receiving letters from people who read my book. They told me how it transformed their lives. Let me tell you this: When you start changing lives in a remarkable way and you’re solving problems, the money really does follow. Another way to look at it is, if you are not making money, you are not impacting lives.

Speaking Is The Highest Paid Profession In The World

Just the other day, I looked on my wall and saw photocopies of two first checks. One of them was the first big check I got paid. It was $1,500. The other one was the goal I set after I got that check. Guess what the amount was? It was $10,000 for a one-hour speech.

That’s way more than a doctor or attorney makes an hour. It is said that speaking is the highest paid profession. I wholeheartedly agree. To this day, I cannot believe companies would pay me that much money for 60 minutes of my time.

That’s proof if you can package, position and promote your knowledge the right way, you will get paid. When I was a poor and diseased stricken kid living a tiny village in Haiti, if someone had told me I would ever make that kind money for one hour of my time, I would think that person was on drugs. I often say, “I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.” I really love this dream.

A short few years ago, I entered the US as a broke and illegal or undocumented immigrant. I had $5, two shirts and one pair of pants. I did not speak any English. Most people assumed I was dumb because I could not speak the language. To this day, I still have words I can’t pronounce because of my accent. Well, I stay away from them. But, that’s not going to stop me from making a difference in the world.

My question for you is, what’s stopping you? Please understand me, I don’t have a hang up on money. Believe it or not, money is not the primary driver that drives people to want to step on stages and change lives. Intellectually, it might appear to be so. But, it’s not. It’s a calling. You are chosen for such a time. The hour is here for you to create a movement that will outlast you. How do I know?

Well, you said you wanted to become a motivational speaker. Your words are laws unto you. You said it. You declared it. I know it’s a call from above. Now is the time to answer the call. It’s time to stop arguing for your limitations. You don’t lack anything except the courage and faith to step out.

But let me caution you. Just because you are called or chosen doesn’t mean you ought to leap and the net will appear. NO! I have seen so many people that leap and fall flat on their faces in this business. The speaking business is just like Hollywood. The failure rate is astronomical! I say to you, leap then keep in mind…

It’s Not What You Know That’s Stopping You. It’s What You Don’t Know

What you read above should be a big wake up call for you. I know it was for me when someone mentioned it. Now, listen up: You can spend 10 or 20 years fumbling in the dark and trying to figure out how to launch your speaking career or you can get a coach to show you the way. The scary thing is, most people don’t think they need a coach.

They just try to wing it. Please don’t be one of those people. Winging it is the recipe for failure. I have seen so many entrepreneurs trying for years without any success because they don’t have coaches or mentors. They are lost in the wilderness.

Listen, all successful athletes, businessmen, and politicians have one thing in common. They all have coaches and mentors. Think about it this way: Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, the two legends in their respective sports, have coaches. Michael once said he could never make it without a coach.

What about you? Who’s coaching you? How long have you been trying to make it on your own? How is that working for you? Let me give you an example:

Most people that want to speak gather a bunch of information and put a speech together and they think they are good to go. They have no clue that the world doesn’t want their information. People are inundated and overwhelmed with information.

What the world wants is someone who can synthesize or create a step-by-step system that others can follow or digest to help them solve their problems. And they want it in different formats.

They want as a speech, DVD, CD, membership sites, group or private coaching. I’m talking about information that can solve problems.

Companies and people are looking for solutions. You have to know how to intelligently position and package what you know into marketable solutions. You are the teacher or the guru that’s called to take complex information and break it down into chunk sizes for others to digest. If you can do so, you’ll be hot and in demand.

Look, what I just shared with you is the kind of insights a coach can you help you with. Maybe I should say a coach who’s actually doing living your dream. Today more than ever, people are starving for motivation, inspiration, and solutions to their problems.

They are desperate. They want your guidance and directions. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Most people are confused and disoriented. They want you to lead them. They want someone to help them calm the storm.

But how would you know what people really want? How do you know how to take what you know and turn it into speeches, workshops, coaching programs, or home study courses that people really want? That’s where your coach comes in. You have to align yourself with someone who’s living your dream!

A coaching client recently told me how hard it is to finish her book. I told her, “It’s hard when you don’t know how. But it’s very easy when you know how.” Let me put it this way for you: Supposed you’re starving. There’s a door in front of you with a combination lock.

Someone comes along and gives you the numbers. How long would it take you to unlock the door if the person didn’t tell you what sequence to put the numbers? It would take you forever! You would starve to death. Got it?

Again, people are thirsty for simple yet powerful solutions that can solve their problems. As a motivational speaker, author, or guru, it’s your job to organize, systematize, and present the right information to them at the right time. The best part is, they are willing to pay big money for you to help them. Let me share a secret with you.

Stop Offering What People Need. Instead, Give Them What They Want

This is a HUGE mistake! That’s why so many entrepreneurs are broke. They try to sell what people need. People are not willing to pay money for what they need. However, they will pay dearly for what they want. It took me a long time to figure this one out. Let me give you an example: Apple created the iPhone.

People stood in line for 8 hours just to buy one on the first day it was released. Why? It’s because they want it. The reality is they need a phone that can make calls and receive calls. Or maybe they want to text and check emails. There are plenty cheap or free phones out there can do all of that. Early on in my speaking career, I got some bad advice. One gentleman told me the prospects know that they want.

But they don’t know what they need. He told me to explain to them what they need. Nonsense! Don’t focus on what your prospects and clients need. Give them what they want. But make sure what you give them can solve their problems. All right, enough said.

If you’re ready for me to hold your hands and give you a step-by-step system to help you become a world-class motivational speaker, guru, and teacher, join my intensive coaching program now. I’m ready to show you the way.

I will teach you how to change lives in a profound way and get paid in the process. Now, here’s one caveat: How much you can make as a speaker, author, coach, guru, or teacher is completely up to you. It depends on how bad you want it. You have to be willing to put your nose to the grinder and work it. You need to have a deep hunger—a craving—for that which you want.

I can show you the way, but you have to take the steps to get there. My coaching program is very intensive. You gotta do what is expected of you. It’s not a cakewalk. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or fast money, this is not for you. Speaking is a business. You have to approach as so. You need to have the right strategies in place.

Listen, whether you come on board with me or not, I highly encourage you to get a coach. It’s easy to get distracted. Your coach will not only show you the way, he or she will keep you accountable and focused. The reality is, if you knew how to do it on your own, you would have done it already. Let me conclude with this…

You Snooze You Lose

If you decide to come on board with me, you have to make up your mind fast. For years hundreds of people have been begging me to coach them. I’ve been resisting it because of my schedule. Sometimes I wonder if it is because I’m somewhat selfish. Finally, for the first time, I’m choosing a handful of committed individuals to transfer my knowledge to.

You can be one of the lucky ones if you act fast. The hours I can devote to this are very limited. Once I had enough people, I’m closing the door. Please understand we cannot guarantee you a spot. The sooner you act, the faster you can secure yours. Act now! Go ahead and click on the button below.

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