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Lesson 1 of 9 : You Don’t Need Degrees Or Qualifications

What It Takes To Become A Motivational Speaker

Most people think they need some kind of degree or qualification to become a motivational speaker. That’s not true. Anyone can decide to become a paid speaker. When I launched my speaking career, I was a doorman at a hotel.

I didn’t have any speaking training or courses to guide me through the speaking journey. Simply put, I didn’t know how to start or where to go. I just decided I was going to be a paid speaker.

It’s not that I was thinking the process was easy. Nothing is easy at first. That’s why many new speakers quit. They just jump into the speaking circuit and expect to get a bunch of speaking engagements right off the bat. It doesn’t work that way.

You are already more than qualified to become a highly paid motivational speaker. You don’t need any specific qualifications or degrees. You just need to build your credibility and learn to deliver a powerful keynote that can change lives.

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I’ve been speaking for a living full time for the last 14 or 15 years. I’m out on the speaking circuit.

All right, I’m going to share with you exactly what it is going to take. Hopefully you are ready to listen. The first thing I want to talk to you about is qualifications. You probably think you are not qualified.

You don’t have what it takes. You need some special education. You need to have a degree. And you’re probably trying to find out where there is a University or a College to actually learn how to become a motivational speaker.

If that’s what you are thinking, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any qualifications whatsoever. No, you don’t. You may also have some fears. You may be afraid that maybe you are not going to make it as a motivational speaker.

Maybe you have the thought and the idea, but you’re still doubting yourself. Let me share this with you. Do you know why you are called to be a motivational speaker? Very simple. The answer is because you said so.

How did you know you actually wanted to become a motivational speaker? How did you hear the call?

It is a call out of the blue. Maybe for some reason, it just occurred to you at one point that you have a voice. You have a gift. You need to go out there with a message to share with the world.

Believe it or not, the world is waiting to hear that message. Realize your words are law unto you. You said you wanted to become a motivational speaker. Who said that?

That’s right? You did. That was you.

It’s a divine voice that called you. The time to start is now. And the person is you!

God spoke to you at some point. Whether you are religious or not, it really doesn’t matter. Something much bigger than you whispered it to you.

Here’s all that you need to make it as a new motivational speaker: You need to commit to the world. Meaning the people who are waiting to be inspired and motivated by you.

Do not be a coward and a chicken Stop thinking about it. Most people are just thinking about it, kind of like the paralysis analysis.

Do not keep waiting. Now is the right moment to start. You are already a motivational speaker. Claim it.

If you are afraid, please don’t let your fear hold you back. If you think you don’t have the qualifications necessary, it’s a mistake. You absolutely don’t need any qualification.


I want to share with you how I actually got into the speaking business. If you read my book Kick Your Excuses Goodbye, you probably know my story.

If you’ve been on the Internet, you found my story somewhere; you already know it.

Just in case you don’t know me, let me take a couple of minutes to share the story with you.

I came from a tiny village in Haiti. Life was tough. I suffered many terrible blows from poverty.

I mean, life poverty pounded me the hell out of me. One blow after another.

I was a very sick child and life was really unbearable in the village. Today, I live in the United States of America.

When I came to the US, I had $5, two shirts and one pair of pants. And I did not speak any English.

Go figure, right? I did not speak any English. Today I’m making a living as a motivational speaker.

I’m using English as a tool to make money. Clients pay me thousands of dollars for 1 hour of my time just to keynote conferences. Interesting, isn’t it?

Based on what I just shared with you about my story, do you think you need any qualifications? The answer is so obvious. No you don’t.

I was a Doorman at a hotel in Atlanta when I started speaking.

Here’s how I discovered there was such a thing speaking for a living:

I was carrying bags at the hotel. I was parking nice cars for rich people. Whenever I notice a book in the backseat of a car, I’d pick up. Then I would devour it. I figured they knew something I didn’t know.

I read so many books. Low and hehold, I discovered there is such a thing as being a motivational speaker. I could actually run my mouth and get paid for it.

Some of the authors mentioned stories about their speaking career. I said, “wait a minute now. I tried everything in America. I am going to try this speaking thing.”

Do you see what I mean when I said you don’t need any qualification? From being a doorman to now command up to 10K for one hour of my time as a speaker.

Again, all you need to bring to the table is your level of commitment.

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those that are interested and there are those that are committed. The question for you is this:

Are you interested or are you just checking out speaking because it pays well?

If that’s the case, speaking is not for you. It’s a calling. You have to commit to it no matter what.

You need to bring a high level of commitment to the table.

I launched my speaking career at the hotel. I had the courage and the audacity to say, hey, this is what I want to do.

Was it easy? Was I afraid?

You bet. I was terrified. It wasn’t easy. But I kept at it. I never looked back.

Listen, you are unique. You have a special voice. Nobody in the will ever have your voiceprints. Ever!

There’s not one person with your unique stories and experiences. You’re probably saying,

“Well, Rene, I’m not as good as you are. You have a special gift. I wish I could just walk on a stage and mesmerize an audience and get them in the palm of my hands just like you.”


Do you want to know how you can be really good on stages?

You have to start and stay with it. You have to keep speaking on stage even if you think you are lousy at it.

If you’re waiting for you to be good to start, you will never start. You see, the first time I gave a speech, I was very nervous.

It was for Toastmasters international. I’m telling you. I was so nervous.

Today, people look at me and say, “you have the gift of the gab.”

Only if you knew how shy I was.

I’m telling you all of this because I want to take away your fears. I want you to step to the plate. Come on just the way you are or with whatever you have.

Don’t try to do me or any other motivational speakers. You won’t be a Les Brown, Zig Ziegler, Eric Thomas, Nick Vujicic, David Goggins, or Mel Robins.

They are all taken. However, you are still available. Be you. Do you. Your voice has not echoed yet. Get on speaking platforms and share your truth.

You are good enough to inspire and motivate millions. Just do it!

They are waiting to hear your message. You need to be out there.

In the next lesson, I’m actually going to share with you what exactly you will need to have in place in order to start getting paid speaking engagements.

I’m going to show you where to go to get engagements.

So I hope this message is from my heart to yours. I hope I was speaking to your heart.

It’s time to stop talking yourself out of it.

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