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This interview shook me at my very core. The funny thing is, it was only one small section of it that got me. It was when Mike Tyson started talking about his adopted father. His name was Cus D’Amato. He was the legendary boxing coach who took Mike under his wings.

If you are a speaker, coach, or thought leader, you should pay close attention to Mike’s words. As you are listening to that segment, imagine you are called to continue Cus D’Amato’s legacy.

Mike began crying uncontrollably as he recalled the man who transformed his life. The people in the audience were crying including Anthony Robbins. That was truly a heartfelt moment – Love in action.

I got triggered emotionally because I never had that kind of father in my life. To this day, I don’t even know what my father looks like. I heard he passed away some years ago. I’m sorry I never got to meet him.

Mike Tyson credits Cus D’Amato for reinventing his life. As you might recall, Tyson was a beast in the ring. During every fight, he kept reminding himself that he had to win for Cus.

Then his motive shifted after Cus passed away. He wanted to win for love. He said that every time he would destroy an opponent, the public show him with more love, respect, and admiration. 

Mike said without Cus, he probably would not be alive today. “Cus told me i was going to be the world’s youngest boxing champion.” Said the iron Mike.

What really hit home for is when Mike said, “I believed everything Cus told me. Even if he were lying to me, I believed him.” Isn’t that powerful?

By the way, Cus died and never got to see become the world’s youngest boxing champion as he had predicted. 

As a motivational speaker, thought leaders, coach, or parent, we all can be a Cus D’Amato in somebody’s life.

You can literally call somebody right now and share some uplifting words that boost his or her confidence or self-esteem.

You can inspire someone to imagine what’s possible. You can see the best others. You don’t need to be on a stage to do so.

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