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Learn From Those Who Are Living Your Dream.

Alright, we talked about not taking advice from people who are out of touch with reality. But you should also avoid taking advice from people who are not in the trenches.

Simply put, seek out advice from people who are living your dreams versus those who still dreaming and trying to sell that dream.

What I mean by that is if someone is not making a great income as a speaker, they probably don’t have too much to teach you about making a great income either. Does that make sense?

Trust me, I have seen people who tried to be speakers and fail miserably at it. Yet, they set up shop and start developing speaking courses to teach others how to succeed. Ummmmm…

Maybe I’m missing something here.

Here’s what you need to do: Learn from everyone…even the failures. But choose what will work for you where you are. You know what? Early on, I realized that some strategies just didn’t fit my personality and my current status.

Just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.

One well-known speaker claims he never follows up after he sends out a promotional package. He believes his package is good enough to sell him and if the prospect doesn’t call back, that means he or she is not interested.


You and I know that people don’t sit around thinking about us. They need reminders. Of course, when you are so well established like the gentleman I just mentioned, you probably will never have to follow up. And I’m very careful here. That’s why I use the word probably.


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