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Have A Question For Rene On How To Become A Motivational Speaker?

I’m a full time motivational speaker. I get paid thousands of dollars for one hour to keynote conferences.

WhenI started, I had no connections and resources. I was a doorman at a hotel in Atlanta making $4.25 an hour plus some tips.

There were many doubters around who didn’t believe I could make it as a motivational speaker. I proved them wrong. I took off faster than most. My success surprised even some of the top speakers.

Now I want to share my tips, insights, and secrets with you. Go ahead and ask your question. I can’t promise that you will get an answer right away. However, I will do my best to give some answers.

“When people count you out and say it’s impossible, it’s because it’s impossible for them. Always keep in mind that people cannot see you where they cannot see themselves.”-Rene Godefroy


  1. Amandla

    I started hearing this voice whispering in my ears in high school and everytime I hear it i just take a pen and a paper to write everything I hear , At that time I didn’t know what was going on in my life and I just write then throw away the paper , as time goes on I’ve met people who don’t know me at all but they tell me that the world is waiting for me , I am a Poet i believe but never done anything about that ,I am a Motivational speaker by being born but i need guidence from you

  2. Amandla

    I’ve been hearing these voices my whole life ,I’ve tried to ignore them but they are like my own shadow ,People who don’t even know tell me that there are people who are waiting for me ,I’m in cape town and i will do anything to become a Motivational speaker ,please help me

  3. Hlonny

    Hi Rene
    I am busy writing my business plan which is a consulting. I am planning on doing business and life coaching which I believe it will define me as a motivational speaker as well. In addition, I have a very strong passion deeper within me on working full time as a motivational speaker/consultant. Which factors do I have to look at before I quit my day time job? I do my work perfec at work and I work with passion, but deeper within me therfe is that voice that keep on calling me for my purpose.

  4. Marinus

    Hi Rene,

    I am involved with personal improvement now for more than 5 years and study all that i can to improve myself..
    I even have followed a course for coaching by Jack Canfield a couple of years ago.
    After all the readings, workshops i have seen and study what they told i feel i want to bring this message to other people and want to become a speaker, and having said this i feel the fair of doing this, it scare me a lot, standing for a audience.
    Your trainingcourse, are you gonna show also ways to overcome your fear and stand up to speak the messages?


  5. Maria Veronica Bauzon

    Hi Rene,

    I have always been amazed with myself and sometimes wonder what people see in me that they always come to me for advice or “words of wisdom.” Yes, I feel I have a calling for this, however, how do I make sure that it is really what I am called for? Thanks!


  6. Miguel Gouveia

    Hello Rene I have watched one of your videos. And what can I say wow! You have a gift to help motivate people and accomplish there dreams and hopes. Im thinking of starting my own motivational speaking business. Can you please give me some steps how to start. Be very much appreaciated.

    Best Regards
    Miguel Gouveia

  7. RB Platinum

    I have been preaching for 15 years and now i am also becoming a motivational speaker for youth. Do I have to set up a legal business entity to get started?

  8. varun sharma

    hello sir,
    i have been going through your video’s really inspired me always thought i have something in me which i can share as m from INDIA n not from a rich backround to afford a mentor unfortunately wont be able to pay your fee’s to be assisted by you.would really appreciate if you could help me to be a motivational speaker.n make difference in people lives.

  9. jamaison

    I would like to thank you for giving me the boost I needed. Im going to drop my fear and take the leap. Thanks Mr. Godefroy

  10. jessie lovelady

    Ive been reading all these replys and I know now that I have to act asp Iam a radio talk show host for an LA station here in California about 8 yrs ago I almost lost my life and though prayers and my familys support I pulled though as of 3 yrs ago I now have kidney failure and preparing for a transplant god has given me the strength to give me the energy to do dyalis treatments 2 times a week and to continue my talk show program I would like to tell people that being positive and with god all things are possible I intend to help people to learn how to let go and let god I intend to market this on my show just need some advice bless you Jessie Lovelady

  11. Dr. Koya

    Excellent tips and I will use each on to the best of my ablities and post the feedback.

    Just last Monday I spoke to a small URI group in South Pacific on Spirituality (among my many favorite topics). It was a free presentation. I received 100% applause and enorahing remarks from each participant.

    Going forward, I will certainly mention you as my Guru.

  12. Theophilus Hunge

    Gr8 Rene, i thank God 4 u, 4 where u are now, considering where u started frm. God has really helped u a long way. Congrats! Pls, how do i create a free website? I have gather some requisite momentum since i caught the the vision lately. I’m ready 2 launch out soon, there4, i need 2 make public beyond my locality. Thanks.

  13. Khola Dawood

    Thank you for inspiring us and sharing your expertise with us. I saw the first video only. the second does not play at all. when i click on the link you sent in your e-mail it goes into the same type of page like the first videobut it does not play at all when I click on the play “button”. please advise. Thanks again.

  14. Mireya

    Rene, How did you start off becoming a Speaker?

  15. Kathleen

    Dear Rene’,
    I have been watching the videos and can’t wait to see more. I am pursuing this dream of many years. I have so many questions that I don’t know where to begin, so I am waiting to watch your videos with confidence that many of my questions will be answered. After that, I would love to contact you with any concerns that may still be stopping me from moving forward. Thank you for sharing your expertise. It is my hope that this will help me to achieve a life-long dream.
    Sincerely, Kathleen

  16. Vanessa

    Hi Rene, thank you so much for all the free advice you give. I really appreciate it. Be that as it may, I have one more question…for now. 🙂

    You advised me to, “Find a coach that can guide you through the process fast…Someone with the RIGHT knowledge.”

    Can you refer me to that someone with the right knowledge who can guide me through the process of writing my next book within less than one year?

    FYI: I live in Georgia (Atlanta). Again, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to respond to my questions. I really really appreciate it so much.

  17. Vanessa

    Hi Rene,

    It took me roughly three years to write my first book. I am currently working on my 2nd non-fiction book. Is there a secret or guideline to writing a book within less than a year? Thank you.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Yes Vanessa,

      There’s a process to write your book in less than a year. Let me share a few tips with you here on how to write a book fast.

      1- Create a writing calendar… block dates your calendar and don’t compromise. Please, please don’t. It’s your writing appointment.
      2- Treat your writing as if your life or your children’s lives depended on it.
      3- Write only 10 chapters at 10 pages average per chapter. That’s 100 pages. Don’t go crazy and write an encyclopedia.
      4- Design the cover and put somewhere you can see it everyday. Use a sticker not with the date you expect to finish the book.
      5- Tell your friends and co-workers you are writing the book. Every time you write a chapter, tell the world abou it. Be proud.
      6- Reward yourself each time you complete a chapter. Yes, treat yourself to something nice. How about a trip to the spa?
      7- Find a coach that can guide you through the process fast… Someone with the RIGHT knowledge

      You can definitely write that book in a very short time. Discipline. Discipline. Disciple. Oh, did I say discipline my dear?

  18. Greg Cartrette

    I have been working on my content for my whole life really, because it is about my life and overcoming adversity. From playing briefly a professional sport to being homeless to selling a success business 3 years ago. I have the content written, have the title and am now wanting to publish. I have researched publishers or self-publish? What is the best and most cost effective way to get published?

    • Rene Godefroy


      Your so lucky! It’s so easy to publish your book. Do NOT count on a publisher. They are worthless unless you can get them to give a good advance. Something like $50,000. And, it’s very unlikely they will give you any kind of advance unless you already have a huge following.

      Simply put, they will not sell your book for you. You have to sell it yourself. When you have a publisher, you make only about $1 per book sold. When you publish yourself you make all the money. Since they are not going to sell for you anyway, why not sell it yourself and keep the money?

      You can check out Create Space Amazon or Lighting Source Book Publishing . They both will make your book available at the bookstores, amazon, and all the other booksellers.

      Although your book will look like it’s published by a big publisher, you are still self-published. You get to keep the profit you make.

  19. Darla Jacobs

    Hello Rene

    I live in the chicagoland area of Illinois. I have such an desire or should say a passion to be a speaker especially to the young people, teachers, parents etc. I have asked several people how can I become a paid speaker and/or get started, yet no one has offer me any info or the know how. What advice or tools can you give me to help get me started or just what to do.

    Thank You

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Daria,

      The way to become a paid motivational speaker is very simple. You start. Do not wait for things to be in the right order. Do not wait for another piece of information. Do not keep searching for THE magic bullet.

      You see, all of that will come to you as you continue applying what you now know. Here are 7 tips for you:

      1- Start by creating something that has a high perceived value. For example: Create something like… 7 Mistakes High School Students Make To Sabotage Their Future

      2- Point out the mistakes then offer some advice on how to avoid those mistakes

      3- Create a pdf with it, read it to create an audio, read it in front of a video camera

      4- Upload the video to youtube, burn the audio on a CD

      5- Give that piece of content away to everyone and everywhere

      6- Have a call to action at the end… Ask for the opportunity to share what they read or listen in more depth with students

      7- Strategically mail it to High School student activity directors and/or principals

      At the end of the day, you do NOT get attention unless you create value. People don’t want to book you to speak unless they know what you have to offer. Of course there are much more you can. But this is the right start.

      Let me know if you think this will help you. -Rene

  20. ana micaela babao

    Hello Rene,

    I am now 40 yrs. old with 6 children. I’m pregnant and due on April or May next year. For how many years I have been a Ballet Dancer and Inspired to pursue Fitness Teaching for Women. I am Passionate in Management of Stress for Women. I Tried to have workshops about it with exc. tips. for my first time i thought the speaking part was a little boring or maybe I see it as , I was not so connected to the audience..relying on my notes while speaking. Then I compared it to my Dance workshop and Lecture to one of P.E. schools that lasted for nine years. It was great…No notes, direct to the audience….But I like Stress management more. I myself struggled with it and I believe I have a lot to share. I was then afraid to try…so many excuses.

    Now I am willing to do it again since my first and last…or only stress mgt. workshop was 5 yrs. ago,I think I am well rested now.

    I just don’t know where to begin. Shall I review my previous notes and feedback papers? shall I make a new one for a fresh start? Shall I start with something that I recently experience while I’am pregnant?I just don’t know where to begin..

    By the way, I have no Established website or blog..I tried to write, but hesitation come when people tell me It is Not Profitable…though I know in my heart I have this strong mission I should accomplish…very strong I can’t sleep at times because I feel I will explode in my heart if I can’t be able to do so.

    Finding my first topic is my problem now.

    Thank you.

    I hope to be able to start as soon as possible…

    actually I tried to write but it does not fix on one topic yet…so many things to say…it’s confusing which topic to write first.

    Help !

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Ana,

      I believe this is your season. Please don’t let confusion interrupt you. Master the art of simplicity. Your question about where to start can be answered like this: Use them all. Use your old notes, Use your current notes. It depends on what point you’re trying to make. You will need your entire lifetime experiences.

      That’s how you get your stories. Also use stories from your students, friends, and family members. Be an excellent story telling. Nothing moves without stories. Man, that was good! Let me say it again. Nothing moves without stories.

      The reason you feel like you are everywhere when you are writing is because you are trying to solve too many problems. You should aim to solve one problem in every chapter. If you are writing an article solve one problem. If you are creating a video, solve one problem. Do you see what I mean?

      Keep it simple. If you are confused, your audience will be confused as well. By the way, congratulations on your new baby! That’s awesome! 40 years old? Way to go!


    Hi Rene,

    As you can see from my website, I’m a published author. I would very much like to be a motivational speaker. I would first like to start out speaking at prison institutions. I was recently invited to speak at an institution in west va as a volunteer, meaning no pay. Since this will be my first time speaking, after I craft my keynote speech, which I am working on right now, I don’t mind doing it for free because I need the experience. However, once I gain experience, is it possible to get paid to speak at prison institutions? Thank you for your help and time.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Here’s my advice for your Vanessa: Speak any where, any time for any amount. If they don’t have a budget, speak for free. Take whatever you can for the platform hours. Even the advanced speakers speak for free. I do sometimes.

      Always remember to deliver the best speech you have even if you are speaking for free. You just never know who’s in the audience. I never forgot my first big check fifteen years ago. It was $1,500. I was speaking for a small group. There were about 7 people. One of them booked to speak at her company.

  22. Dawn

    Mr. Godfrey,

    I am a single mother of 1, awesome little man, I currently work in the direct care field. I aspire to be a motivational speaker for young ladies and women because I feel that I have experienced and overcome a lot of things that may be similar to their own situations. I am also a Spoken Word Artist, which allows me to speak to crowds in an artistic format, but none the less, when I speak, I move people.

    I wanted to ask you if you see the need for women to delve into this arena?

    I know that I do, if only to show these women that you can overcome anything with the will of the Creator and the heart to make it. Thank you for your time.

  23. Marvin

    I know you are a very busy man so I want take up to much of your time here. I have some TOOLS to do this as a SACRIFICE for HUMANITY even without payment because I LOVE to help in the service of others fulfilling their HEARTS desires, however I would HUMBLY cherish truly and value WHATEVER input, guidance and direction you could give me to become apart of the 1000 motivational speakers you are looking for to help lift up the WHOLE of ALL HUMANITY.

  24. Lucretia

    I like you already.. i just happened on this page.

  25. Emmanuel

    Rene,am a 22 year old black boy from south africa….just wanna know hoe and where must I go to start…just love motivating with all my life

  26. Christopher Panjaitan

    Rene, I don’t know how start, but I always find myself helping my friends with their problems. They would always come to me to seek for my advices. I feel so excited to help them out. There’s a sense of achievement on my side every time they come back to me to thank for the valuable advices I gave them.

    To be honest, deep down in my heart, I really want to be a personality where I can encourage and motivate people to be the things they want to be in life. However, I have no idea how to kick it off. Here in Indonesia, with the population of over 220 millions, I believe that being a motivational speaker and motivate people is such a good movement one can take. I’d like to do it. Please help me out. Thank you. I really hope for your advice on this matter.

  27. theodore

    i have been involved in advicing people all my life even though i am just turnung 18. i want to become a journalist when i complet my education, but i also like writing and talkig to people abt issues of life.i like to make points known to them abt how our world is or has been made by politicians and their politics.i come from a family which is vey traditional adn it wwill be diffficult for me to do motivational speaking which i like so much.but i know that if the money begins to come in, they will grow to love it.i am very enthusiastic abt becoming a motivational speaker because:
    1. i think the world today need a lot of enlightment and i feel i have gotten that enlighment.
    2. i am able to speak to crowds of peaple without fear or stage fright.
    plz send those videos u promised so that i can kick start my dream now. thank u and bye for now.

    • Katty

      I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and hoped you hadn’t abandoned it. I live in MO too and want to start homoncheolisg my kids (6 and 2) after I lose my job in May. I know a few others who homeschool and they teach religious based homeschool. I am looking to potentially connect with others who are doing things differently. Would love to hear about activities in MO and will continue to follow your blog for more info.

  28. theodore

    i think i like this whole idea of speakng for a living. and i like rene’s story vey much it is even much motivating.

  29. Jane

    Hi Rene,
    About 30 years ago I was diagnosed with a perceived fatal illness. I knew in my heart I would survive this challenge. I am now ready to share with people the course I charted over these last 30 years. This includes healing on all levels. I believe it would be an extremely powerful message but my question is how can I get under someone’s wing to get started? I know I will motivate and inspire people whether they have a life threatening illness or not. Life itself is a terminal illness. I would be very grateful for your response Rene. Thanks, Jane 🙂

    • Rene Godefroy

      That is true Jane. You are now accountable. It’s your solemn duty to make sure others don’t have to suffer. Any time you overcome something, you need to teach it. Every time you found a secret or a way to do something better, you need to teach it.

      Start teaching one. Just start. Make sure you write it on paper. Format it neatly like a newsletter. Give it away. That’s the fastest way to put yourself out there.

  30. Sandy M. Threlkeld

    Also, what OS the mentality of a speaker? How do you think, and is practicing your speech very important.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Sandy, I don’t know what you mean by OS the mentality of a speaker. As for your second question, I say yes. Practice, practice and practice. Never try to wing it. That is the difference between an amateur and a pro.

  31. Sandy M. Threlkeld

    Just had my first speaking engagement. How important is it to keep the momentum going? I want to speak everyday to share my life, and become the best inspirational speaker the I can be.

    • Rene Godefroy


      Momentum is everything. In fact, I just finish creating a video about momentum. Hopefully you will get it if you are on my list. If not, the subscription box is above this page on the right.

      You need lots of platform hours. That is why I recommend joining Toastmasters International. You get to speak every week if you want to. I am telling you. Speak anywhere, everywhere, and for any amount of money. Even if there is no money, take the gig.

      By the way, congratulations on your first speaking engagement! That tells me you are on the right track. Keep moving.

  32. Tsebo

    I have motivated some of the matriculate from my high school,after the whole thing i realised that i still have the potential, my dream is not yet dead.. so i will realy like to keep on motivating others,thing is i dont know where to start,i live in a very small town and i am not being recognised.. i know i can do this i am not willing to give up my dream

    • Rene Godefroy


      I know you can do this. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town or big town. When you start making a difference, you message will spread like wild fire. The key is to understand the psychology that moves people.

      The people in your town want something to believe in. They want to be led. That’s the same everywhere. You have to develop a philosophy about the subject you want to talk about. Then start writing about it. Start creating videos about it. Start creating audios.

      However, you have to become a master at storytelling. Having said that, you have to start collecting the stories NOW.

      You will never become a respected expert in your field or town until you begin to pull what’s in your head and put it on paper, video, audio, etc. It’s all about know the psychological triggers.

  33. Cheryl

    I feel that I have a gift and something to share. However, I have not been able to get to the core of the subject I want to share. Do you have any suggestions on how I can figure this out?

    Thank you.


    • Rene Godefroy


      I would strongly advise to start listening to your feeling or intuition. It’s talking to you. Don’t wait to find the core subject. Just start anywhere and anyhow.

      Choose any subject you feel comfortable with or like or passionate about it. That same voice within you will refine and redirect you. However, you need to give God something to multiply,
      refine and increase for you.

      You don’t need to be deep to start speaking to civic clubs. In one of the free videos I talk about that. Start there. Just do something. Write an article, a blog post, or a page for your book.

      Create a video. Go speak to a classroom. Join Toastmasters International. Go! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Watch the videos and you will see what I mean.

  34. John

    Rene, I have involved with people all my life helping people acheive their goals yet i can’t acheive the one goal i have a passion for, Public Speaking. you will see from my web that i have completed i would say right. i invested in publishing in all papers at a cost of £2,000 over a month period for a free show on motivation at a hotel yet only 5 people turned up. on top of this 500 invites sent out. What am i doing wrong. ? becouse i am highly motivated i will not lay down. in short yes want badly to become but when you do, how do you attract people. ?

    • Rene Godefroy


      First of all, congratulations to you for your boldness! I visited your website and noticed you are the right. Great website.

      The fact that only 5 people showed up to your event tells me it was a success. Every seminar promoter will tell you it’s REALLY hard to get “cheeks in the seats”, especially these days. That is why even the top gurus hire experienced promoters for their events.

      Yes, you invited 500 people. Are they the right people? Do they have a specific problem your event promises to solve for them? You see, I’m not into poetry. If you invite 500 people like me to a poetry evening, you might get 2 people to show up.

      On the other hand, if you sent your invite to 500 poetry fanatic, you might get over 50 people to show up. I’m not sure if you sent your invite to the right people. Marketing is a number’s game.

      I bet if you sent the same invite to the same group with testimonies from the 5 people that attended, you will get more to show up.

      Again, congratulations! You did what thousands hope they would find the courage to do. That in and of itself is a huge victory!

      I can tell you are a winner. You should pat yourself on the back. It takes faith and courage to put a public seminar together. Most think and talk about it. You actually did it.

      Hopefully, you recorded your event and now you have a product to sell and position yourself as THE expert in your field.

  35. Marian

    How do you get speaking opportunities and engagements when you are first beginning as a motivational speaker?

    • Rene Godefroy


      If you are on the list to receive the FREE videos, one of them will provide answers to your question. Just keep an eye on your inbox.

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