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Don’t Be a Cheap Motivational Speaker

by | How To Become A Motivational Speaker | 2 comments

How to become a motivational speaker. Please do NOT set your speaking fees too low. I know it’s tempting… But don’t.

“How much should I charge when starting out?” That’s the question I get a lot. I will not attempt to answer it in details here. It’s a bit too complex. And it depends on your level of credibility as well as your qualifications.

But I can assure you most emerging speakers always inadvertently set their fees too low. The main reason is because they lack of self-confidence.

Here’s a hint about fees:

Depending on your current qualifications, you might hit the ground asking for at least $2,000. Anything less will make it hard for you to get booked. Let’s say you are an author. Then your fee should be higher.

When I launched my career, as I mentioned to you already, I was a doorman without any impressive qualifications. My first check was $1,500. How did I get that much? Well, what do you think? I asked for it.

All you have to keep in mind is, cheap implies low quality. Pricing is a mind game. Don’t make the mistake of shooting too low. It will hurt your career.


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