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Enter The Door With Your Expertise First

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As A Motivational Speaker, you must always lead with your expertise. Then show your other stuff after you are in. That’s how you get paid big dollars to be in front of large groups on stage.

Choose one topic. Become the definitive expert on it. Stay with it even if it appears you might make more money talking about something else.

Now, I’m taking into consideration the fact that you have a love for your chosen topic. You are passionate about it.

Or better yet, you know you truly want to make a difference in that field. By the way, if money is your only motive, quit now.

At any rate, fight the temptations to be all things to all people. And it’s not because you are only good at one thing.

You just want to be known for one thing. That’s how the big paychecks show up.

Okay, there are some lean times in the speaking field particularly when the economy is tough. And you might feel compelled to share your additional skills.

Well, go in as the expert in your field. Then only after sharing your expertise can you offer your other skills as a backend. But you’d better know how to marry your core expertise with your additional offer.


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