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Lesson #9: Create Content For Credibility

You have to create content, so you can position yourself as an authority. It’s not enough have the knowledge in your head. The meeting planners and speakers bureaus will not know about your brilliance until they come across your content.


  1. Larry Preghafi

    I am quite impressed and being motivated by all the videos I have seen and can’t wait again to getting more you are great ‘thank God for meeting you

  2. Bill

    Really thanks, Rene. Actually, every time i get your e-mail, i feel inspired. i am quite a self-motivated person, but your encouragement especially gives me strength, and a clear direction in particular. really thanks for your vedios keeping coming one after another, though there is still something wrong with my Internet and i just can’t watch them. i will go on reading others’ comments and your replay as well, so that i can get as much as possible so far. anyway, i need to solve this problem as soon as possible, because i absolutely want to learn from you in a better way and try my best to write my own book with your guidance and support. and i, together with my dear students, thank you sincerely for your incredible coaching. thanks again. yours truly, Bill

  3. John Njahia

    Thanks Rene, yes i totally agreed with you. We have so much wealth in our minds that is sitting idle. My book is now 25 pages done, am thinking where was all this information before? The more i write the more information pops up from my head. Yes its mental asset, it can only be useful on paper when you share it with others. Thanks for your reminder. You are keeping me on track.

  4. Vicky

    Hi Rene, thank you for all the information in your videos and off course the inspiration. I am happy to tell you that I am in the middle of writing a book as you advised and I am halfway there…to almost done. For some reason, I missed video 6. But thank you once again.
    Remain blessed

  5. Ben

    For quite some time I have had a deep desire to be a public speaker. I love to share and enjoy being in front of people. I have done some speaking and usually it has been for free. I am working on a transcript. I’m interstellar in joining your inner circle. As for me, I haven’t had an income since April of last year and have used all of my reserves.
    But I am determined and have a drive inside of me. Your advice from the videos have given me more insight of my next move.
    Thank you.

  6. Angela Omomia

    Thank Rene , you are simply amasing!

      • Bernadette Booker

        Hello and thank you so much for taking out the time.These are confirmation of my works.Thank you continued blessings and peace to you and yours.Here’s one of my clips.Thanks so much again.You have been blessed to be a blessing.

    • sipho

      so i am based in south Africa the platform for well knows speakers is a dream would love to be a motivational speaker but i do not know were to start or how to start my speaking career all i want to know is were to start in order to get exposure..

  7. Carolyn

    Still working on the physical representation. Will do research on self-publishing.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Don’t time researching on self-publishing. That’s a distraction. Write the book first. I have seen far too many people researching book covers, editors, ISBN, publishers, etc. Yet, they don’t have a written manuscript. All those things are distractions or excuses for not writing.

  8. Petra Groves

    Thanks Rene for the on going guidance. I am now getting full perspective of my book and my target market. I am noticing to that my thinking and direction is changing as we move along. I am sure to have success with your help.. Thanks again

    • Rene Godefroy

      Awesome Petra! Keep pressing on my friend!

  9. Gloria

    Thank you so much for the information.

    Sincerely, Gloria Walker

  10. RositaJoseph

    I Rene you are the best coach I want to meet you very badly i need to be successful same as you are please let me now when or how we are going to meet.I need to set up this year and i have to, I choosing you to be my coach, my mentor in my teacher at the same time thank you Renegodefroy

  11. Joe Rodriguez

    Love it!!

  12. bryan laws

    Dear Mr Godefroy,

    I have been listening to your videos for the last few weeks. The information has been very helpful. I am a former football coach with a middle and high school background . I want to create a an opportunity for me to attend local teams and try to speak life and motivation into the local football teams here in Memphis. Any ideas on how to make my idea effective? Also I have thought about writing a book , but i am having a tough time creating a title . The subject matter will be about me and how me playing football keep me in line .How will i create a title?

    Bryan Laws

  13. ray berry

    What motivational first step do I take? I am totally new to this field and having trouble with the correct starting spot. I did get the book started.


  14. Rene Godefroy


    I would absolutely take a look at your book. However, I’m really swamped. Right now, I’m only doing this for coaching clients. Maybe in the next three months, I can be available.


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