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Lesson 3 of 9 : How to Write Your Book Fast

How To Write A Book Fast

You should hurry up and write your book fast. It will give you tremendous credibility in the marketplace. In this video, you will learn the secrets of how to write a book.


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  1. anik

    I heard your nice speech, now tell me , how can I download your speech ,

  2. Rosemary Joseph

    Thanks Rene, I already feel like an author. You are God’s gift to the likes of me. My question is should I rely on my ideas alone or do I need to source for external materials as well for writing my book? If I do need ideas from out side, how do I go about getting the relevant ones?

  3. John Njahia

    Thanks Rene, Yes you did inspire to write a book and now how to write was amazing. I had already started put my book together, but you have even made it even simpler by telling me to keep it simple. By the way it did not know it is my business card. It is all coming together. I have set a target of how many pages to write a day, a week, a month. Yes, the cover what a brilliant idea to stick my cover on my face so on daily basis it can remind me of my mission. I can not wait to hear the next Video. To me you are God sent. I needed this kind of direction. I was ready but i did not have the skills. I have promised myself and asking my God to give me all what i need to get this book written. I can not wait to share with you when its done. God bless your generosity. I hope one day to share my story and my success on stage with you.

  4. Ben Brookhart

    Thanks for the insight Rene! I have my book title ready to go. I have my ten chapters all titled. My question is what tools have you used in writing your books to come up with enough content for ten pages for each chapter? I feel like I can come up with three or four pages per chapter but that is it. Thanks again for your willingness to share! You are a champion!

    • Rene Godefroy

      To come up with content, you simply need to peel the onion. Let’s say you are talking about motivation. You say, “Motivation is about having the right amount of energy.”

      Well, guess what? You need to define energy and how to have it. Maybe working out at the gym is an idea. Now, talk about the best time to hit the gym or how to psyche yourself up to get to the gym.

      You can never run out of things to say if keep expounding on ideas. The thing is, every idea generates new ideas. As long as you stay on the topic, you are fine.

  5. Madhura Shri

    Thank you very much Rene…..Im a Sri Lankan, No questions, You are giving me the perfect guidance to achieve my definite aim. im on my way…I will meet you some day to thank you..wish u all the best…

  6. Madhura Shri

    Thank much you Rene…..Im a Sri Lankan,No questions, You are giving me the perfect guidance to achieve my definite aim. im on my way…I will meet you some day to thank you..wish u all the best…

  7. willfred fortuin

    Thanks Rene:
    For the motivation if u can do it I can also thanks.

  8. Rene Godefroy

    It is all in the mind Dvya. You should give yourself a strong command to write that book. With constant repetition of commanding yourself, you will get into the habit.

    Next, you want to eliminate or turn off for a period of time the things that distract you such as email, Facebook, Twitter, your internet browser, friends, family members etc.

    Imagine you are creating something that will outlast you. One day as you lay very old on your bed, you get to see your grandkids, grand nieces, nephews, and total strangers reading and being inspired by your book.

    What time are you willing to sacrifice for that to happen? What do you have to put on hold now? What are you willing to stop doing or start doing?

  9. Divya Ghai

    Dear Rene,

    Thank u loads for your advice on writing a book….
    You know what…I have started that right away…all THANKS TO YOU…. I have written down the chapters for the tentative book….and the mental process has already started..the only problem is finding time daily to write…i need to schedule that as you said….but it is eaier said than done….:(

  10. Rene Godefroy

    Great! Thanks for letting me know. I tried to keep the videos short enough to share exactly what is needed to launch a speaking career.

  11. Alex

    Hi Rene. Keeping the videos short yet still get the information I required has backed up your point about keeping the book concise! Great set of videos so far. Looking forward to the next one.

  12. Rene Godefroy

    Allison, writing a blog is a good thing. But the book will boost your credibility much faster.

  13. Rene Godefroy

    Carolyn, the reason you need to write a book is for credibility. Think of it this way, if you are an author you can call radio and TV shows and request to be on the show to clarify a point.

    On the other hand, you can be the world’s best expert on any topic, you won’t be invited to be on TV or radio shows if you are not an author.

    It’s the same for meeting planners. They trust you are going to do a good job on the topic because you wrote the book.

    The bad news is, most people will not read your book. But, they will buy it for your autograph. They will buy it because they want to take you home with them. They will buy it as a payback for inspiring them to greatness. Make sense?

  14. Rene Godefroy

    That’s my aim Bonisile. You can write a book. This the first prerequisite. Say, yes you can. As you keep saying yes, the how will reveal itself to you my friend.

  15. Rene Godefroy

    You are so right. It is your intense desire that draws you unto me. Glad you found this site. Whatever you focus on relentless will expand. You will tend to take the right actions at the right time. Keep pressing on Temitope!

  16. temitope

    I know this is apt for me…because once there’s a will there’s a way. I can say my desire to write a book and be a speaker brought me to you..and am so loving it.

  17. Bonisile Molefe

    Thanks Rene, your teaching helps. I am becoming more confident that I can write a book, before it seemed impossible. Please advise how many stories should I tell in one book to avoid giving too much information or writing many books in one book. I haven’t started the idea use to overwhelm me so much. Thanks again.

  18. Carolyn

    Love the 10 chapters, 10 pages end result for a book. With the 30 second advertisement attention span of some consumers, I was thinking a pamphlet or poster was the way to go. I’m getting excited about writing a book. I hope future videos will address how to get it published. Thanks for the kick start on what I want to do for the rest of my life.

  19. Allison

    I never thought about writing a book but I have thought about creating a blog and using that as a tool to accomplish what I hope to.

  20. Petra Groves

    Excellent advice! Thanks once again. I have started my book and have my illustrated cover in my head. I need to put it to paper and create a visual. That’s the first thing. Secondly, my chapters are a bit short so I will brainstorm how I can improve to give more information and yet keep it simple.

  21. Mitchell Villani

    Hi Rene,

    Thank you so much for making these video’s. I have recently taken a public speaking course and I am now taking a business course to help create my blog/website to put myself out there and create credibility. I love the idea of writing a book also.

    My question is – Realistically how long should it take for one to write a 100pg book? What font and size should the text be?

    Thanks again and bless ya heaps,

  22. Amanda

    Its amazing how you simply the things I have thought for years was near impossible. In writing a book how do you develop your title to match your subject?

  23. Angie

    How do you get content or the topic? How do you get published? How do you know your book is good? How doe the whole process work?

  24. Mianda

    This video is very helpful, more so all of your videos are. I’m on the 3rd one so far and I am excited about the continuation of the remaining videos you offer. I am even interested in reading your book “Kick Your Excuses Goodbye”. I’m in the process of getting one now, But thank you for all your help!!

  25. Angie

    Thank you for confirming for me that the book I just published is okay. I was concerned because it is a little small. It is under 100 pages and only has about 6 chapters.on Effective Grant Writing but it is packed with information. It could easily be read on a plane ride.

    I am now looking forward to writing my next two books that can help people better their lives and shares some of my life experiences over the last 10 plus years.

  26. Carol

    Hi Rene

    I have written a book about the loss of my son. I would greatly appreciate some of your valuable time to have a read and help to get it marketed. Your thoughts please ????

  27. Cornelius Johnson

    This is REALLY GREAT and inspiring information. I am looking forward to the next and remaining videos. I am also considering, very quickly obviously because the clock is still counting down, the 1 hour One on One training on the phone with you. There are multiple ways that the One on One can be very helpful for me.

  28. Rene Godefroy

    1o chapters is not much at all. Be the time you tell a few stories. It’s about the proper layout such as font size, chapter titles, etc. There are several ways to come up with the content.

  29. Stacy

    Hi Rene, good information. The only thing is 10 chapters seem like so much. I guess it has to be constructed carefully without babbling in the book. Will you tell us in detail how to stretch our content to 10 chapters/10 pages? What is my mind goes blank?

  30. Rene Godefroy

    Rozlynn, Charisma always make up for other weaknesses in communication. If you can touch hearts and souls, people will do their best to understand you. Many years ago, the movies didn’t have sound. Just mimes. And people always understood the stories and connect with the actors.

  31. Gerard

    Amazing stuff, Rene, simple and straight to the point.

  32. Rozlynn

    I have an amazing story to share… Insight to assist and help others to break free.. As well, as the empathy and understanding necessary to “gift” to others on their journey to their freedom.. I am watching your videos and beginning to understand how to organize “things” to bring my goals to fruition…. I have a communications background.. Still, it seems “trying” figuring out how to put it all together…The videos do assist…

  33. JOHN


  34. Rene Godefroy

    You are welcome. It should on the way soon.

  35. theodore

    Thank you.. very much…can’t wait for next video.

  36. varun sharma

    hey rene,
    its really amazing that first time in my life span i am so much excited to do something which was ” wanted to do TO WRITE OR SHARE SOMETHING WHICH WAS ALWAYS IN MY HEAD” you made it look simple and can be achieved thanks a lot may god bless you.
    one more thing YOU ROCK

    varun sharma

  37. Rene Godefroy

    Awesome Phendulwa! Glad you this site. Please take consistent action!

  38. Phendulwa Sekeleni

    Everytime when watching your vidios i become speecheles, iwant to say something but it doesnt come on.Your messages are powerful.Its true one can never finish writing a book if including many books in our book and thats what iv been doing. Its rare to find this kind of info you sharing and i praise God that He lead me to your site.

  39. Jill

    Hi Rene,

    Your videos are a must for all new authors! Very informative, and I have learned a lot from reading the comments also. Thank you so much for sharing.
    My first book is on its way out the door.
    Looking forward to shaking your hand one day as one speaker to another!


  40. Sophia

    Thanks Godefroy. You an inspiration

  41. Rodney

    Big help Rene, big help…thank you

  42. Nathan Barez

    I get it and you’re right! I just haven’t thought of it this way.
    Thank you!

  43. Rene Godefroy


    Just think of problems people are confronting with. Pick a problem and offer some solutions. For example, let’s say parents are really struggling to get their kids to behave, that’s a problem. Write something like How To Raise Obedient Kids. Do you see what I mean? Don’t choose a topic just for the sake of it. Choose it because you an help some a big problem.

  44. Rene Godefroy

    I paid a lot of money for my first cover. That was years ago. Today, you can find lots of people on the internet to do it for you very inexpensive. There are also lots of template. Go read this blog post for more information

  45. Rene Godefroy

    I appreciate you Christopher. Thanks for your sharing your feedback. I receive the blessings.

  46. Rene Godefroy


    Thank you! I’m so glad to be able to show you that you are capable of great things in life. Do not let your mind and negative people around you deceive you. You were born to win! It’s time to write that book. Don’t be a perfectionist. Just do it! You can always improve as you go.

  47. Dolly

    This video has been the most informative and best one yet it has compltely motivated me to start writing my book I always felt to write a self help/ motivational book I had to wait until I finished college for credibility. You have made me see that I can write a book now and people will buy it because I know what Im talking about. You are amazing, thank you!

  48. Christopher Billups

    I just wanted to let you know Rene that this is some very powerful information! I never thought of my up & coming book being my business card! GOD BLESS You for sharing some really wonderful information to all of us that want to walk in this career as a motivational speaker.

  49. Michael Lehnen

    Hi Rene
    enjoying the videos…I’m very interested in writing a book but I’m kinda stuck for a topic…What steps do you unbdertake to come up with a topic?

  50. Rene Godefroy

    Hi Ozzie,

    I have no idea why the videos are stoping and starting. I will make sure my team looks into this issue.

  51. Rene Godefroy

    It’s my pleasure Dennis. Keep it simple. Don’t try to pack 5 books in one book. Just give them a few simple steps to solve a particular problem.

  52. Dennis

    Thank you for your reminder. I started to write a book but I wanted to put all Informationen I know in it. But thats wrong. I’ll concentrate on the most important topics. Thanks Rene, you are awsome =)!

  53. Ozzie

    Rene I love love your stuff, but this particular video had trouble streaming, it kept stoping and starting. get your web guy to check it out, your stuff on youtube streams very good

  54. Bobbie Poetik

    @Rene Godefroy

    Now you talking….lol! Thank you Renee

  55. Rene Godefroy

    @Bobbie Poetik Great point Bobbie. However if you can’t write, I suggest you speak into a digital recorder and send it to a transcriptionist to transcribe and format for you. There are many ways to do things. I’m sure if I asked you to share some tips on how to write awesome poems, you can speak for more than one hour, right? Well, do the same with your motivational topic. Record. Transcribe.

  56. Bobbie Poetik

    Hello Rene,

    That video was very informative…however not everyone knows how to write a book. I mean the technical aspect of it because not everyone has knowledge of how to form sentence structures, etc. Know what I mean? And everyone who speaks don’t have the talent to write a book. I however can write poetry, but that does not mean that I can write a 100 pg book (regular book, not poetry).

    I suppose that you will say that taking writing classes may be the way to go. To me, that makes better sense.

    Looking forward to your next video!

  57. Rene Godefroy

    @Brant Lemorn Great! I look forward to sharing a platform with you as well. Press on!

  58. Brant Lemorn

    Rene, thank You so much for your videos and information! I look forward to seeing you on the speaking circuit soon and can give you lots of credit for it! Thanks again!!!

  59. Rene Godefroy

    Oh, that is so kind of you Miriam. Thanks for your feedback. Keep pressing on! The world is waiting for your book, message, CDs, DVDs, etc.

  60. Rene Godefroy

    Hi Jill,

    Glad I can share some tips with you. I’m trying to get to as many comments as I can get. As far as publishing, you need to self-publish. That’s the best way to go about it these days. is great.

  61. Rene Godefroy


    Sorry you didn’t get video #2. I have been traveling a lot. January is usually a busy month for me. I will make sure my team knows about it.

  62. Rene Godefroy

    Wow! I’m so proud of you Jones! You are taking the right actions. Thanks for sharing your feedback and progress with me. Don’t forget to start a blog even before you launch the book. You want to create a community around your book so teachers and students alike can comment and ask questions.

  63. Rene Godefroy

    @Randall Willis Awesome Randall! Please make sure you do something everyday that moves you closer toward your dream. It may be something as simple as writing a blog post or an article, or making a list of possible points you want to cover in your book. Never look back. You have to keep the momentum going or your will lose balance and focus. You will learn a bunch in the next videos.

  64. Rene Godefroy

    Hi Jo Ann,

    Yes, there's a hidden fee. Tomorrow at midnight, your credit card will be charged $5,000 for all the information you are receiving. Oh, don't worry that I don't know the number. While you were typing your comment here, we magically xray all your credit cards and even your birth certificate. 🙂

    Wouldn't that be awesome, hugh?

  65. Randall Willis

    Rene, thank you for guidelines to becoming a professional speaker. My dreams of becoming a speaker are a reality I look forward to your next video keep up the good work. I plan to put what you are teaching right to work Thanks!!

  66. Frank


    I would not thought you would give the simple facts on writing a book
    But you did, How did you design your First Cover?.

  67. Jones

    Hi Rene, thank you very much for your advice. I am following your advice step by step and I have made tremendous progress so far. I am done writing my book which has a hundred pages. I have approached a publishing company and they gave me a quotation to print 500 copies although it is a little costly but I am determined to reach my dreams. I have so far raised the down payment and by 30th November I will have raised enough to have my book published. It is entitled; GETTING THE MOST OUT OF SCHOOL. 13 Steps for that unforgettable school experience. This book is targeting youths in grade 8 to 12 and it’s a must have for pupils, parents, guardians and those who want their siblings or friends to get the most out of school. In my book I am talking about knowing the real reason for being in school, dealing with procrastination, managing time, effective reading, listening and note-taking, preparing for tests and examinations, improving public speaking, discovering goals and talents.
    I like the 100 page limit, KISS and the fact that the book is your business card. I have so far given a few people to go through my manuscript and I have received a lot of guidance and support. A few pupils who read a chapter on preparing for tests and examinations have declared interest in buying the book. Publishing is a bit of a challenge in my country but I will meet this challenge. I have been conducting motivational talks with grade 12 pupils in 3 High Schools most of whom have been coming to after the talks to share how the talks helped them. I have so far been invited to be a Master of Ceremony for one prestigious function although it is for free ( I am working on credibility).
    Thank you so much, will follow your advice all the way. I believe you are the help I have been looking for.

  68. Andre B

    Greetings Rene, This video (no. 3) is great, but I didnt get video no. 2 yet? Looking foreward to seeing, and learning more. Thank you Rene.

  69. Jill

    Hi Rene,
    just wanted to send deep gratiitude to you for your tips. They are very much appreciated and useful. Looking forward to the next video. Do you have tips on publishing the book???
    thanks again!

  70. Miriam


    I love listening to you. You are a true humanitarian. You have given us without asking

    for anything back and it is because of that I feel I must write and finish my book. I am so moved by your kindness and how you share your knowledge; I really feel like I owe you one. I continue to learn so much from you. In this tape you have given great tips about writing a book. The idea of using a book as a 'business card' and designing a cover for my book first and puting it where I see it, is a good motivation factor.

    You have encouraged me so much and I just love hearing from you and can't wait to learn more from you. Thank you and may God bless you!


  71. Jo Ann Lewis

    Dear Rene,

    I am so happy that I came across your website. Man, you are a wealth of information – I almost cried when you talked about writing a book, because I applied for a job as an senior executive admin assistant which I have been doing all my life and one of the questions was, was I published? I was taken aback by this question, infact angry – whoever heard of having to be published when looking for an administrative job. While I felt it was an offense – I wish I had your advice back then. I would have thrown the book at her – just kidding. But, your ideas make it so simple – I do have something to say and I am going to say. Thanks a million for your advice.

  72. Rene Godefroy

    Great Angela!

    I am glad you find the videos helpful. Now take some action right away. All the information in the world is useless without implementation.

    Take a moment this week to write the chapter titles for your book. Design the cover. Anything!

    The more you procrastinate the more you cause others to suffer. Because they are waiting for
    your book to uplift and encourage them as the face their daily challenges.

  73. Angela Ladouceur

    Hey Rene,

    I am writing you again to tell you that these video’s are invaluable! 10 for 10 is attainable when put in the context of size. I must say that I fell into that same category of those who say “Someday I want to write a book” almost sounds like a book in itself. I never considered that it really only needs to be 100 pages. Use it a business card .. Brilliant! Well would love to stay and chat but I have cover to make. Thanks in abundance. May you continue to be blessed for your inspiritation and dedication to those of us whom journey along wanting nothing more than to peek our heads out of the sand pile.


  74. Jeffery Thomas

    Thanks, Rene,

    Great tips. I'm starting my book. Creating the book cover first is an excellent idea. I have a brother who is an artist. I believe he will be able to help me come up with a design.

    Keep up the great work that you are doing.



  75. jo Ann

    10/10 = great idea and good start. This is going to be a bit diffixult but this is truly an eye opener. By the way is there a hidden fee somewhere in this because this is great informarion for free. :o) I am excited – your enthusiam is overwhelming. So, here I go. Thanks Rene.

  76. Rene Godefroy

    You said it. Now commit to your words. Start! Hold yourself accountable for making a difference in the world.

  77. Rene Godefroy


    You are so far ahead than most. The world is waiting for your book. Every day that you procrastinate, someone somewhere is hurting. That person needs read your words of encouragement.

  78. Rene Godefroy

    Thank you Glenda. That is what I meant to say. Duh! Thanks for coming to the rescue!

  79. Rene Godefroy

    Hi PIAnge,

    Thank you for making a difference in the world. I had a chance to visit your site. The work you are doing in Las Vegas is very impressive!

    It's time to take it to next level and make a mark that cannot be erased! Press on! Get the book going!

  80. PiAnge J

    Greetings Rene,

    Once more you continue to motivate me. I really appreciate you sharing the kiss theory.

    Rene, each of your points given is helpful. Today is the day I will put ten pages together of what I have wanted to share with others.



  81. Glenda

    Rene, you really meant to say "Keep it simple stupid"? (KISS = Keep it simple, Stupid.) "Simple" is good. "Stupid" definitely is not!

  82. Glenda

    Rene, I love the way you keep it simple and make it seem so achievable at the same time! You always leave me speechless. However, you always inspire me to take action. Already I have taken action based on the content of this video. I have chosen a topic for my book, sketched a cover design, and selected an anecdote (based on a recent experience) to use as an opener for the first chapter. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

  83. Rene Godefroy

    Yes Mark. Give away your book. But do it strategically. Send a personal along with the book. Ask for a referral or business.

  84. Rene Godefroy

    Yes! George you got it. Keep it simple and stupid. I really want all of you guys to start. Just anywhere. I want you to join the ranks of those that are transforming the world.

  85. George H

    Great information. As with anything, we all should use the KISS method. Really got me motivated and I am going to get started quickly. Thanks for the great video on information.

  86. Grace

    Dear Rene,

    All is very clear for this reason I'm not making any question.

    I have been learning a lot and have started to write my book.

    You are being used as a tool of God to guide me throe.

    May God bless you with health,strength and wisdom for your journey of success.

    Sincerely yours,


  87. Mark Thompson

    Hey Rene,
    Another great video tip. This idea has been on my mind since you mentioned this in the last video. The part about using the book is your “business card” was great. The perfect marketing tool. I’m getting excited just writing this message. This is definitely my next step….

    By the way, you have great energy in your video…it is contagious. I had considered being part of a group book, but I like the idea of a solo venture. You are 100% right about keeping your dream in front of you, the book cover part. Another excellent idea. Keep doing what you are doing, your speaking tips are great.

    Mark T…The Mindset Motivator….


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