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Your Gifts Will Make Room For You

“A man’s gift makes room for him And brings him before great men.” -Poverb 18:16

I woke up this morning thinking about you… Well, not just you. I was thinking everyone on my list. If you just happen to stumble upon this post, I was thinking about as well.

Have you heard the saying coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous? That’s what I mean. There’s a reason why you landed here on this page.

Here’s what I was thinking:

When will you finally muster the courage to start sharing your gifts with the world? When will you say enough is enough; I want to start living my dreams?


How long have you been postponing or procrastinating on taking action? What’s stopping you? What are you waiting for? What are your fears?

I want you to serious start pondering those questions. You see, the moment you ask yourself those questions and answer them, you are well on your way.

You already know there is a calling on you.  It’s a Divine calling. Your friends have been telling you about your gifts. They have been telling you can motivate and inspire.

People have been coming to you for advice. Your friends and family members come to you when they feel discouraged and uninspired.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

The more you procrastinate on using your gifts, the more you are causing suffering in the world.

Here’s what I mean:

Somewhere in the world, some people are emotionally hurting. They are depressed. Your words could be the medicine to ease their pains.

The reality is, it doesnt matter if your current situation is not what it should be. It doesn’t matter if you are broke. It doesn’t matter if you are struggling. None of that matter. Why?

Well, people by enlarge don’t care about your and your situation. All they care about is that you can heal them with your words. The best part is, while you are healing them, you are healing yourself.

I just had lunch with a lady who contacted me. She wanted to share with me the impact my message have had on her. She heard me speak twelve years ago.

When she started sharing with me, I was blown away!

I had no idea someone in that audience was on her last luck, crying every night, was there listening to me. I uttered the exact words she needed to hear.

I’m sure to some people I was speaking rubish or nonsense. But, to that lady, it was a Divine intervention! Are you getting it?

Today, she is doing exceptionally well as a successful business owner. Guess what?

She is a blue eyed blonde. I’m a Haitian from a poor village in Haiti. I have an accent. Our culture is very different. She graduated from a top university in the US. I have no degree.

It appears that we have nothing in common. Yet, we have everything in common. After all, we are a human race. One race. We are human beings! The only difference is that we wear a different garment or skin.

I was just a conduit. Those words she heard from my mouth didn’t just come to me out of nowhere. They came through me.

By the way, I have had the same impact on poor kids in my village in Haiti and other villages from around the world.

My point is, your gifts are not for you. They are for you to bless others. The Bible explains how your gifts will make room for you. They will allow you to meet great men and women.

Maybe you are praying for some doors to open for you. Well, using your gifts will swing open those doors faster than you might imagine. That’s the case for me.

I have met some fantastic and powerful people around the world on the speaking circuit.

My natural understanding would never allow me to imagine this. It takes an understanding that surpasses all worldly understanding. I’m talking about a supernatural understanding.

The thing is, most people think they are not good enough to start. They keep seeking more knowledge, approval, and acceptance.

No! You are more than ready. You have been pre-approved before you even came out of your mother’s womb.

When I coach others, I always start with mindset. You see, everything you see in existence came from the mind.

So, you and I cannot create anything without our inner game. Simply put, you have everything you need to achieve massive success. Your mind is your creation factory. Your sound mind is not for doubts, fears, and worries.

It is for you to create solutions to help and empower others to cope with their difficult times.

The Bible says your tongue has the power of life and death. First, you need to start speaking life on your life. Then you need to start speaking life on others.

When you utter some uplifting and encouraging words, you are speaking life.

Finally, stop doubting yourself. When you start thinking something negative, catch yourself. I know you have heard this before. But, it’s golden advice. Every negative word you use is another stumbling block you put on your way.

Let me know if you have any insights about this. What’s your feedback for me?

Keep pressing on!


  1. ana micaela babao

    Yes! It is good to know that someone like you believes in me. I thought so, yes, that ot is time to start. There is no time to delay and I have what it takes. Maybe if I could just start with a single step then I could make the ball roll to the next.

    Ok, I will press on!

    • Rene Godefroy

      That’s right Ana. You start with a single step. Simplicity is key. Do something every day until you build the momentum.

  2. olumide adeniji

    Should have been doing this for long.
    Think I was born for it.
    Now I’m going through a whole lot of crises in my life and that’s when I just decided to start my speaking career.
    Stumbling on this at this time is further confirmation.
    Thanks Rene.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Awesome! Glad you stumble upon this site.

  3. Eric

    thanks so much my boss this has been helpful

  4. Keeke Kawaii

    I’m on it Rene! Just you watch and see!!! May God forever Bless You!

    • Rene Godefroy

      I believe in you Keeke. I can feel your fire. Keep pressing on!

  5. OBODO, Samson Omonigho

    Thanks Rene for this piece of wonderful life charging wires.
    Your words are inspiring and further confirm that we are all wired by GOD to make wonderful impact.
    Thank God I didn’t miss it!
    I must say a big “AMEN” & thank you.

  6. Olley Strong

    Thank You Mr. Godefroy,
    Every morning is spent listening to motivational speeches rather it be yourself, Les Brown, Eric Thomas etc., and every morning is confirmation that this is what I should be doing. I have understood this for quite some time now. I am reminded time after time after speaking to someone whose had a rough day or simply talking with my daughter who relies on me for comfort after a long day at school etc. I mainly notice it when I sit and reflect back on life. The feeling that there’s nothing that I have not witnessed or felt in life. The moment I was introduced to motivational speaking and saw what it done for me was the moment my whole life made sense, the moment I stopped asking why me, the moment I cried my heart out because it finally made sense, the moment I realized the power & influence I had and the ability to have people listen. I get it now!!! I am so into motivational speaking that I use it to workout or even during my runs at times when most use music LOL. I know this is my calling, there’s nothing that makes better sense when lined up with my past. I walk around my home giving speeches to absolutely nobody!!!! But my imagination is that deep. My issue Mr. Godefroy is not knowing how to get started. I understand everything cost which has been a bit of an issue as well. However, I could never mind investing in myself especially if I know the results will be me sharing my story, all awhile encouraging others to better understand theirs.

  7. Amit Singh

    Thank you Rene!! You are wonderful!! God bless!!

  8. Pamela Price

    Amen and thank you Rene for your encouragement. I would love to have you as my mentor to help me develop my gift, however, I can’t at this time financially. Thank you again and may God continue to bless you while you’re blessing others.

  9. Simon Ndegwa

    Amen and thanks Rene for your encouragement.Your life is a story by itself. I am very inspired and pray that we will meet some time and share the same platform as I grow in this career of motivational speaking. I humbly request you to be my mentor. Maybe you can plan to visit my country Kenya in East Africa to talk to people and also see our wildlife, countryside and cultural diversities.

    God bless you abundantly.

    Simon Ndegwa
    Nairobi, Kenya
    +254 720 725 412

  10. Abby Abbott

    Oh wow I have been praying on this for a long time just don’t know where to start..

  11. Azeez Lawal

    Thanks, great message.

  12. Alain Obadiah

    Wow. Just the words I wanted to hear. I was still hesitating regarding my gifts. Thank you Rene, I have to press on.

  13. jowii

    Thanks a lot Rene for your words of power, I 1st discovered you when I was in jail serving 15years sentence. I was carried by your words through out my time. You always whispered hope in my ears everytime read yo emails. Am released now and thanks for making me realize how powerful I can b if I so choose.

  14. Jo


    Thank you so much my brother. The email was on time and we know God is a “Timing God.” Your words were true and right on target. I’m working on my presentation as you mentioned we must start small and sometimes free. This is to be notice and work our way to the top and I’m doing just that, working small, yet visioning BIG. You are right, if we’re not doing what God purposed us to do, we fall short of His glory and He has placed inside me a wonderful and awesome gift. The talent and gift to encourage and empower His people. Working on it, and doing it step by step. I will make it to the Top. You have not heard the last from me….I will, I can, and I see my future bright and the Sun.

    Thank you for your encouraging words Bro.

    Ms. Sun
    Future Life Coach

  15. Satish Kumat Jaiswal

    Thanks Rene for all the help.

    This is Satish. I saw your video a year ago. I thought that this is it. I want to be this. I posted all my problems and past fears on facebook. With that I also mentioned about my goal to become Motivational Speaker. I came back home from office. I wrote the things I require to become that. I joined a local Speaking classes and was there for 5 months. I left it 3 months hoping that it was taking so much time. My English was not good. So I tried that. I failed. Good thing is I learned that was not the right way.

    for past one moth, I ma making dialogues and practicing it. I record my voice to know how does it sound. I try few other technical things that might work. Still I don’t know when I will start as a Motivational Speaker ?

    I think the only thing that I did not was preparing the mindset. May be I was not aware about that. I thought some homework is needed before I give my first video.

    I think I am not crystal clear about how initiate the first ever speech ? I think I miss some steps here. I think you may help me.

  16. Annisha

    Hi Rene,

    It is like you called me on the phone and was speaking to me directly on a one and one basis. I have been struggling with finding the courage to start my speaking business.

    Yes! I know there is a calling on me to share my story…my message and yes! I don’t think I’m good enough to start… but you drove it home when you said by procrastinating I am causing more suffering in the world…. WOW!!!!!!! I NEVER thought about it like that.

    I’d love to be mentored by you having come from a small island in the Caribbean myself being raised in poverty… but financially that isn’t possible at this time. However, as soon as I am able, I’ll definitely seek you out for mentorship.

    You are truly a blessing in many ways.

    Future Life Coach

  17. Andre

    That was a on time word for me!!!!!! Blessings to you and the things that you are doing to change the world.

  18. Sherwin

    Wow… just when I was giving up on myself and my meditation, guess who knocks on my door-Rene Godefroy. It’s never easy changing your life but that on its own I believe should be a constant reminder of the victory that lies ahead. Thanks for the reminder Sir… you are truly cut above the rest! I guess the my work is far from over?! God Bless! 🙂

    • Rene Godefroy

      It’s my pleasure Sherwin. Do NOT give up on your meditation. That’s where you get in touch with the genius within you! Press on!

  19. Irish Pule

    Thanks for the Powerful reminder. Indeed with my gift many lives can be change from bad to better.

  20. Clive

    Greetings unto you my fellow brother.A privilege to be amongst the living,inhale the fresh air for free,it is a sign of the unsufficiant grace been granted unto us as the creations of the creator.Speak to you all the way from the south african soi..Currently at the main entrance of a office block with different bussiness firms within it. I am the supervisor of all the security sfficers on premises.After I have read your words of motivation,it reminded me of a motivational speech where I spoke to a group of christians,where I reminded them that we cannot live the past in the present.The minute we do that we delay ourselves and there is no growth and no progress.The minute we clear our minds or thoughts,we create space for mental growth.The thinking cannot be the same and automatically the action will not be the same.The change of mind helped us to be more focus and focus goes with vision and vision with mission and mission with dreams or destiny,but it all start with the renewing of the mind.
    Thanks once again for the encouraging words.
    I strongly believe that we will meet one day face to face.
    Peace and grace unto you and the family.

  21. mhlekude patrick manona

    Good morning Rene, I’m blessed to have you in my life as a mentor even when we never see each other and separated by the distance and time. I’m in South Africa and your words just fit me well to the situation i’m in right now. I believe that within no time I will be giving testimony about what the seed that you just planted in my life through power of the spoken word did manage to change my thinking capacity about life. Remain blessed in Jesus Christ mighty name, my Lord and my King..Amen!

    • Rene Godefroy

      Amen Mhiekude! Thanks for your feedback.

  22. Francis Agyei - Kissi

    You are alert in the Spirit. You just confirmed what God has started doing with my life. Bless you sir.

  23. kevin Ouma

    you got me here..!
    you know there are some moments in life when you feel you have tried your best but thing are not working for you,then you feel like giving up and all over sudden you open your mail, and read an inspiring message from RENE that helps you put yourself together and challenge your self that you are worth more than you think.
    Thank you

  24. Samantha Browne

    Amen! These have been my thoughts lately. I want to walk in my calling. Thank you Rene for the confirmation.
    God bless you!

  25. Zalendria Williams

    Awesome ….yep that’s me!

  26. Hami

    First I would like to say thank you so much for your time, and word of encouragement.
    I always blessed & inspired by your message.
    I would like to hear from you again.
    Bless you .

  27. Mary McQueen

    Hi Rene, Amen, this has been my desire for some time. I love to speak to inspire others. I teach Bible studies and have spoken Biblical Messages. As for my story, I’m not sure what it is. I am going through financial difficulties. What is your advice?

  28. willy

    Dear Brother !
    I am about to sleep and has been wondering myself , asking questions about who I am and where am I going for the all day , I open my phone to check for any messages ; than your mail lands in . GOD gave me some tremendous gift for His work worlwide

    I do have an unbelievable voice with an amazing charisma and tremendous power , wisdom and a highest persuassion gift ; above all , a compassion for people and an amazing heart .
    My problem is that I don’t know the how , where and when am I gone start to use it .
    I has been asking GOD for the platform to offloads what HE put inside me and it seems like no clear indication has come my way yet.

    Please advise me or maybe mentor me if GOD put that conviction in your heart because I know for sure and a fact that before the child start to work , a parent hand is need to show him or her the way ; the hold up and lead hand .

    Stay bless .


  29. Joshua Mitchell

    Brother Godefroy, I thank God for using you as a vessel this morning! I’m ordained from birth to build up the Kingdom of God. I just felt like I wouldn’t make a decent living for my family, speaking the Gospel. Want to get started, but, don’t know where to begin. Ready to start four months ago!

    • Rene Godefroy

      Joshua, it’s about your premise. Carefully analyze your sentence… ” I just felt like I wouldn’t make a decent living for my family, speaking the Gospel.”

      Words have power. If there are people out there making it, that’s proof for you. You will always see what you expect to see. Change your expectations. That’s the first step.

      • Joshua Mitchell

        So true! Thank you Sir! Jesus loves you!

  30. Kecia Lawrence

    Rene, this was so awesome. A random email not do random found its wayto my email today. Thank you for encouraging others to let their light shine. May God continue to bless you in all you do!

    • Rene Godefroy

      I appreciate Kecia. Thank you as well.

  31. Jane

    Amen Rene,you are God sent,I now have courage to speak /motivate the young ones

  32. David

    This is very timely…
    Thank you and God bless you

  33. sy

    Hi Rene. Thank you for reminding me about the greatness that reside in me. I have quit my seventeen year job as an educator in pursuit of a higher calling of being a successful author, speaker and philanthropist. Currently one of my books being positive in a negative world: spiced weekly nuggets is currently available on Thanks to your videos and your book, kick your excuses goodbye. in addition i have helped four former inmates to publish their books. Thanks to your positive influence. I may not be where I want to be but I am daily pressing towards my destiny. Thanks once again Rene

    • Rene Godefroy

      That is so amazing Sy. Thanks for sharing. Keep pressing on!

    • Ify

      Hi Rene! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. God bless u Amen

  34. Chuma Mtumi

    There is nothing more scary than trusting what one believes is a calling. Fear criples everything about someone and makes them feel incompetent and doubt what they have. Conquering fear is a step to unleashing the beast inside of you. That best that demands authority like lion, that beast that enters the room and all goes silence not because of anything but because you steped in.

    Knowing that God is the author of your life let him take lead to govern your foot steps, when you feel stuck know that at that point he is ready to carry you because he knows what let’s ahead.

  35. Meshack Nzioka

    Thanks so much Rene for sharing. It is a timely message. It is my message. Over the past few days I’ve been filled with the desire of ministering to my generation by speaking hope, awakening dreams, and filling “dry bones” with life. I’ll do it.

    I’m motivated to motivate.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Meshack, I believe every single word coming from your head. There’s a fire in you. Don’t let it die.

      • Meshack Nzioka


  36. Charity

    Amen & Amen Rene!

  37. Gladys

    This is such an on time message for me. Two weeks ago, I had a major surgery which has mesmerized the minds of many. The doctor’s took out of my uterus 27 fibriods weighing 5.6 pounds that i had no signs whatsoever. I lost a lot of blood in the process but woke up and got 6 units of blood transfusion.
    As I recover,I have been hearing God pressure me to share my story to encourage the women who are battling the pain of fibriods everyday that we no nothing about. I want to let them know that they are not alone, but i didn’t know where to start. Then i opened my emailand saw this email, I take it as a confirmation that someone is waiting for me to share what i have gone through and get their healing. Thank you so much Rene.

  38. Dickson

    When you are putting so much efforts into making things work, and it seem like you are not doing enough. It can be really depressing. Please I am interested in your coaching programme. Am from Nigeria.

  39. Jocelyn Larae Hill

    Mr. Godefroy, everything you say touches my heart. I want to share my life experiences with others but I’m so afraid and I don’t know were to start. I have struggled most of My life fighting these demons of addiction. God has giving me a new way to live I know in my heart that I should share this. There are so many people that are at their jumping off place and I know that feeling so well. I want people to know that its never to late, there is light at the end of the tunnell.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Yes indeed Jocelyn… There are many people out there who needs your insights and encouragement.

  40. Michael Ziemlak

    Amen. I have had the opportunity to speak publicly to a fellowship group of Christian men, my church youth group and Sunday school group and at a local summer camp to a group of elementary and high school age of youth. I have received blessed feedback from those who have listened to my speeches. The Lord’s calling my life and purpose is to help make a difference and enrich the lives the next generation of young people and helping to lead them to Christ. My burning desire and passion is to invest in many more young peoples lives which includes mentoring and coaching them as well as teaching them and speaking to them. My passion is to become a children and youth mentor, advocate and motivational speaker. I need someone who desires to mentor me.

  41. Olivia

    Dear Rene, I have no problem starting with my training. I only facing financial problems. Once I’m able to, I’ll start immediately. This us something I want to do so much. I believe I’ll be able to do it. Thank you for that powerful message. It spoke right to my heart and encourage me a lot, because that is the main reason why I want to do this.

  42. Cherril J Edwards

    Hi Rene,

    I just read this email and I do have quite a lot to say on addiction recovery and finding a Higher Power (who is God to me), but I just have no idea where to start. This is something that I am very passionate about and I know that my story could and would help some people.

    What suggestions do you have to help me get my start?

  43. Amos Fon

    Hello Rene,
    Thanks so very much for your encouragement. I have not started yet. However, I am doing other great work empowering youths. I am in Cameroon a poor French speaking country in Africa.
    I will be in San Francisco this September as SOCAP16 Entrepreneur Scholar.
    I would very much wish to meet with you for mentoring and coaching. In which state are you. Will it be possible to meet with you?
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  44. Julio Peguero

    Everything is so making so much since everyday. You rene are right man. We all feel we arent qualified for some reason and its simply because we havent tried it. Our words are so powerfull and there are people needing them. You explained us long time ago that everything starts with writing the book then giving speeches about it . I need to start that, I have learned so much after that however havent shared any because we still feel we arent qualified. Hopefully this year i had the opportunity to give my first speech about the 4 chapter of think and grow rich book in a business company and everyone thought it was good. Now i just feel i have to finish the book ( because i already started it) and start my carrier. What do you think i should do? Im still working in a regular job but I want to do my purpose in life

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are on the right track Julio. Finish the book.

  45. Dallas Johnson

    Rene..great message. As always it is both timely, and well recieved. My book is in the final proofing stages and will be out soon. The speaking will soon follow! Ill remain interested in your coaching and continue following you. Thx for your inspiration!

  46. Terry Bowser Sr

    This MUST be from God! I’m a minister and just this past weekend I started dusting off my dreams and desires of becoming a Speaker, Author and Coach in the Law of Attraction niche, but feeling a bit overwhelmed. I open my email today and read this email from you and I feel as if you’re talking straight to me. I’ll be waiting for you to open your coaching program again because I now realize that I need guidance to take the next step in my journey.

  47. patricia carpenter

    I was laying in bed this morning,asking GOD to open new Windows and doors,you are so Amazing.
    Thank you

  48. Pamela Smith

    I am struggling. I KNOW I am called by God to be a motivational speaker.
    My struggle is this…
    My story involves other people, how can I share the truth without hurting my family?
    My story includes my past medical history, the records are no longer kept.
    How can I validate what I say?
    When I tell my story to people I meet, they are so touched. So inspired. I have no doubt this is what I was born for.
    Thank you for you encouragement

    • Rene Godefroy


      You can make your family members the angels in your story. Or you can share your personal feelings about them by saying how much you love and care about them.

      For example, if your mother did something wrong, you can share it with this come back, “My mom is an amazing women. I would never be here without her. It’s easy to criticize others. But, often we forget to walk in their shoes. So, mommy, if you are listening know I love just the way you are.”

      Simply put, share the truth but share the love as well. You can also choose, to remove a character from the story.

      Do not be concerned about the records. You are not writing a historical archives. You are sharing a story. If you don’t remember whether you were 8 or 12 years old, just choose one to the best of your knowledge.

      Just make sure the story is authentic. Indeed, you were born for this Pamela. Stop creating barriers for yourself.

      • Pamela Smith

        Thank you so much!
        When I share about the abuse from my Mother (now deceased), I always share how she helped me become the strong woman I am today. I am so thankful for her influence in my life.
        I have so many experiences in my life that I know can inspire others.
        I appreciate the role God has given you in helping me attain the purpose he has for me.
        God bless you!

  49. khensi


    Once again u dont know how you are able to read my mind.

    Thabk you for the words of wisdom.

      • Michael Weitzman

        I want to see how I could help you in what your doing & if you could help me in what I’m doing as well. I’m a Professional, Educational, & Humorous Speaker on my Powerful & Passionate Workshop/Presentation called: THE 3 AMIGOS OF MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS!!! It is All about Props, Passion, & Humor in Helping Everyone with their Mental Health & Mental Health Disorders!!

        Please get back to me!

  50. Olivia

    Amen your so right it’s time to share my gifts

  51. Mekia

    Wow! I was just thinking about this and get an email alert confirming my thoughts. I was wondering what other education opportunities I could take just to feel qualified.

      • Michael Ziemlak


    • Pamela

      Thank you!
      Exactly what I needed!
      Would love a guru like you but unfortunately I cannot afford you.
      May God continue to use you to touch lives.

    • Valerie Gethi

      You are very inspiring. Ministering the love of Jesus through our talents. How important and valid it is. Touching and impacting a soul for Christ is so important and how we easily forget to do so. You are doing great work. Thanks!………… Keep going even stronger in your mission. I feel I have a strong calling in this area of motivational speaking. The start is always the difficult point, but I will definitely get cracking indeed.

    • Doug Smith

      Hi Rene,

      Thank You for your wonderful, powerful message. It is greatly appreciated. What do I say to that? One word….. Amen!!!

      The one tiny thing I am unsure about is when you say “gifts”. Do you mean physical gifts, or the gift of the message to those who wish to listen to me speak to them for 40 – 45 minutes? I sincerely hope and pray that it is the latter. Please let me know. I would like to hear your thoughts.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Kind Regards and Best Wishes

      Doug Smith
      Author of “The disABILITY To Cruise?”

      • Rene Godefroy

        Hi Doug,

        Great to hear from you! I’m talking about your gifts or talents. Your message.

    • Thaddeus

      Amen. It’s like your words spoke directly to my situation. God has really gifted me in speaking and writing my own material. I’m also a Christian Author. I think about speaking and inspiring others all the time then I say I have no avenue into the world of public speaking. I feel like it’s not my message but it’s Gods message. God bless and may He continue to prosper you in all that you do.

    • Patrick

      I’m procrastinating

      • Rene Godefroy

        Patrick, procrastination is not the problem. It’s a symptom. It’s an effect; not the cause. There must be a reason behind it.

    • Joshua Richey

      What do you think about when I’m telling my story, that my daughter after 10 years is not mine? I don’t want her to be hurt when I’m telling it. So how do I get it out there. I want to tell it, because it’s my life.

      • Rene Godefroy


        Your daughter is going to know one way or the other. However, you might want to wait until she is older. Your life is so rich with amazing stories. You don’t have to tell this particular one yet.

        Now, if you decide to tell it, make sure you let the audience how much you love your daughter in spite of the situation.

        The thing is, the child has nothing to do with the drama. She is innocent. She is a beautiful soul who shows up to have an experience on this planet. There’s a reason for everything.


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