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Inject A Powerful Story In Your Keynote

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You Gotta Tell Your Story

You probably, at one point or another, say to yourself you don’t have a story to tell. This is a very common concern for beginning speakers. And it’s even more so for those that are born in the US.

Listen, if you think you can connect with your audiences without a story, think again. Stories are what bond us to our audiences. They are what give us leverage to last in the business. And that goes for any business.

Every successful and lasting company has a story they keep pounding out over and over. You may not know that story. But the people who are their loyal customers know it. The employees know it as well.

One lady told me that she always had a good life. She didn’t have to struggle to make ends meet. Well, she was implying that she doesn’t have a story to tell because she had a good life growing up.

That’s not true!

Everyone has a story. During my conversation with the lady, it became obvious that her life is replete with wonderful stories.

Of course, you have to know how to communicate your story in order to create maximum and lasting impact. Frankly, that’s where most people fall short.

It’s not enough to have a story. You must tell it so compellingly that people are willing to pay you to listen to it. Here’s what you should know about stories…


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