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Rich Motivational Speakers Can Be Wrong

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Rich Gurus Aren’t Always Right. Do not just drop your load and start following their advice.

I remember contacting one of the gurus in the speaking field for advice to print my one sheet. He referred me to one of his high priced suppliers. Well, I called to get a quote. I almost fell out of my chair when the guy quoted the price. I couldn’t believe it.

Now, I’m sure my speaker guru friend meant well. He honestly wanted to help me. But he forgot that I was not making his millions. I was still struggling financially.

In fact, at the time, I was using my tip money from being a doorman at the hotel to launch my speaking career.

Mr. Big Shot’s business practices, or checkbook, were not mine.

Don’t get me wrong, some principles are universal. They work regardless of where you are in your career. But we human beings tend to want to jump too high too fast.


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