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The Speaking Industry is Not Dead

by | Career in Public Speaking | 10 comments

Yes, the speaking industry has dramatically changed. It seems like everything is going virtual.

But, that doesn’t mean speaking is dead. There are way more opportunities today than ever. Motivation will never go away.

Now, everything on my calendar for live events has been cancelled because of social distancing. What I have going for me is coaching/consulting and virtual presentations through Zoom.

Of course, I don’t get paid 10K for a virtual presentation. But, the numbers add up. And other opportunities are surfacing.

Besides, I don’t have to get on an airplane. That’s beautiful! I was getting tired of jet lags anyway. I remember having four speaking engagements back to back.

One day I was on the West Coast and the next day I was on the East Coast. I was so exhausted and disoriented.

As of now, I’m working on packaging my knowledge as courses on relevant topics for the same companies I was presenting for. Online learning is exploding.

By the way, diversity is a hot topic these days. I’m getting a lot of requests for that topic.

You can quickly update your knowledge and tackle diversity. Read some books. Take some courses. There are also tons of videos on YouTube about it.

Just add your own personal experiences, insights, and observations. Everybody is recycling old information for years. Nothing is original.

Granted, you have to care about the topic. If not, you won’t feel it. Which means your listeners won’t feel it either.

Look, people are not looking an encyclopedia of knowledge. They are looking for engagement, connect, and a SIMPLE step-by-step framework to help them understand their problems, so they can take action.

✅ Here’s a little secret that the top speakers would NEVER reveal to you

Most companies don’t really care that you are the definitive expert on the topic. They just want to check the box, so they don’t get sued. Do you see what I mean?

✅ Here’s what you need to do:

You need to learn about livestreaming and be a good presenter so you can look professional. After that, just start submitting proposals online.

As one of my mentors always says, “Just say yes. Then figure out how to deliver it.”

Thankfully, I had already mastered virtual presentations. I’m way ahead of many speakers who are not tech-savvy.

In fact, I’m now coaching a lot of speakers and executives on how to livestream properly. Thus, another income source.

✅ $128 Billion Dollar Industry

The reality is, the knowledge business is currently a $129 billion dollar industry. And it’s climbing. Heck, it’s probably going to eventually replace the school systems.

A lot of young people don’t want to go to college anymore. They just want to buy courses and rapidly master any skill.

When LinkedIn bought, the largest educational platform online, and Microsoft bought LinkedIn, we should have known something was up.

Here’s an insight for you: Tell yourself this crisis is happening for you; not to you. That will give you the power to seize the opportunities available.

Somehow, God will make sure it happens for you. As you know, whatever you are saying to yourself is your reality. It’s a form of prayer. And every prayer is answered.

Simply put, decide to be a victor instead of a victim. That alone will force you to think of better ideas to make a difference in the world.

As I always say, the bigger the difference, the more money. Besides, it’s never about money. It’s about helping others solve their problems.

Money is only an indicator we are making a difference one way or another. It’s too bad most people tend to be obsessed over money.

In reality, money is just the effect of a cause. Even so, there’s a cause behind the cause the product money. That’s called mind. It’s where EVERYTHING is created.

What are you struggling with right now? Let me know.


  1. Shannon Jackson

    I must say that your article is ‘Amazing’.
    I personally believe that motivation is playing a very crucial role in every individual’s life.
    Though the speakers have stopped visiting individuals as they used to in the previous years, still their virtual guidance is helping people in living a better life.

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are right, Shannon. Excellent point. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  2. Richard Peyton

    I just came across your blog. I have been involved with volunteer work for over 15 years. In doing so, it has allowed me to speak before various types of people. Most of my content is in communicating encouragement. I have a format in Facebook “Invigoratingsounds”
    and a book that I was challenged to write which is on Amazon called “Unknown Leader: Developing In Life’s Wilderness” an ebook format. ( I had to do an advance search to find it ) I haven’t pushed these due to lack of information on how to accurately do this. Would YouTube videos or a written blog format be a start to establish a speaking presence to do this to generate income? If so how what are your recommendations seeing that there has been restrictions on public assemblies since this virus in the world? Thanks for your reply!

    • Rene Godefroy

      Richard, YouTube videos are definitely the best way to go about it. With YouTube, you are in front of world 24/7. It’s different from Facebook or Instagram or Twitter where your content is dead after just an hour or so. YouTube is a search engine. As long as you choose a keyword people are searching for such as, “the speaking industry is dead,” you will keep getting traffic for years. Hope that makes sense.

      It’s very difficult to give specific advice since I don’t know your exact situation. Social distancing is simply a modification of the past which means nothing has really changed. If you have something that can solve a problem for a specific audience in a specific market, you will get requests to deliver your solution. That said, everything is virtual now. No one knows when that will change.

      Also, you can create a coaching program or a course to sell. The key is to identify the problem you can solve and the market that wants your solution. Then create a step-by-step framework with your content. Hope that makes sense to you.

  3. Gail Moss

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Abinel Matemezano

    My challenge is to get into the speaking industry.
    I’ve not been trained as a speaker. All l have is the interest to be a speaker, nothing else.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Yes, you are already trained as a speaker. I’m sure you have been speaking all your life.

      You know how to add emotion and passion to your voice. You do so every day. The number one secret to speaking is this:

      If you do not feel, the listener will not feel it. Look at yourself in the mirror and say something that you really feel and believe.

      If you finish recording a video and you say, “I did not really feel it.” That means the viewers will not feel it as well.

      One of my top videos on YouTube is about gossips in the workplace. People absolutely love that video.

      When I try to break down why, I discovered it’s the passion, conviction, and care I convey to the viewer. You can watch it on YouTube

      The key is to have something specific to say that helps someone do something differently or behave differently. Say it as if you mean and believe it.

      Your conviction can captivate attention even if your topic is boring. Some people will listen you just because of the tone of your voice.

      Haven’t you met someone you enjoy listening to just because the sound of his or her voice?

      • DanRam

        Great blog Rene! How providential that you were already versed in virtual presentations before the Pandemic hit. It was an encouragement to read how fast you were able to re-adjust when the systems we became so used to changed. Your adaptability is remarkable and aligns with my beliefs that when life throws you a curveball we must let go of the past, engage with the present, and position ourselves for the future. Kudos on how you use your success as platform to help others.

        • Rene Godefroy

          Exactly my friend. I pivoted really fast. I had to focus on virtual events. The good news is, in person events are back in full force. Let’s keep pressing on!


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