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It’s Your Time… It’s Your Moment

I’ll tell you what; there are people out there that I’ll never be able to reach. And it’s the same for some of the big names in this field. There are some people they’ll never be able to reach. They can’t identify with them. Only you can.

I can tell you from experience that I’m reaching a large group of people who would never pay attention to the gurus. For whatever reason, I’m the only one that can make the connection.

So many people write to tell me that they have never read a book in their lives. Mine was the first one ever. They also tell me no speech has ever moved them the way mine has.

And my friend, there’s still a large number of people out there who have never read a book or heard a speech that has really moved them.

Your book and your speech are what they are waiting for … Start now! Not tomorrow. Not when the kids are in college.

Now is the time and YOU are the person.


  1. David Thompson

    Hi. My name is David. The writing a beginners guide is a very good idea! I was trying to dob exactly that..cram 3 or 4 books into one book. That is discouraging! But I do have a question. How did you publish your first book? Did you do it yourself or did you find a literary agent or publisher? Please HELP!

    • Rene Godefroy

      I would strongly suggest you publish yourself. Today with POD (Print on demand) the game has changed. You can now publish your book for pennies.

      Check out Amazon just launched a similar service. It literally cost nothing to publish a book. And you MUST get one out for your speaking career.

  2. Thom

    Well I’ve started! I have been trying to work out a keynote speech and just haven’t been able to get started. Some of my friends around me have started achieving their dreams. One friend is a commercial Pilot, another friend has become a Park Ranger.

    All I’ve done is sold everything I’ve owned moved halfway around the world away from family and friends. (suppose that’s a story in itself!)

    1998 we moved to the USA starting working for $24,000 per year. Last year I earned $79,000 and still thinking there must be more to life.

    In 1988 I wrote to Zig Ziglar after reading his book and asked how to start to become a Motivational speaker, his answer was in short JOIN toastmaster! (Sound familiar? doesn’t it.)

    I joined Toastmaster after listening to Rene give to me the same advice!! Why was that, as Rene has said I was able to identify with Rene and it hit a cord when Rene told me.

    I’m sure many other people read the same information and weren’t affected the same but I’m also sure there were many who were affected like me.

    Anyways I’ve started a blog, I’m going to write on it each week. I figure after a few weeks I’ll have enough information that I’ll be able to turn the blog entries into a keynote speech. If that works maybe a book will be next.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Thom, you are doing all the right things my friend. The key is to get your book ready as soon as you can. And the formula is 10/10. I think I shared that with you before. You write 10 chapters and 10 pages per chapter.

      Keep it simple. Do NOT try to cram too many books in one book. Simplicity is king. Decide on 10 subtopics within your topic and start pounding on the key book.

      Your book will boost your credibility so fast. As you might know, credibility is what will get you to the high fees, get the meeting planners to pay attention to you, and get the media to invite to be on their shows. All that translates to even more credibility.

      The media wants to interview authors.


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