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The Speaking Business Is Booming

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I strongly encourage you to make some sacrifices now as far as your spending habits go. And if you are raising a family, make sure your wife or husband keeps his or her job for a while until the money starts consistently rolling in. You need the insurance for your kids.

You see, you gotta give up some things now to get what you want later.

The Speaking Industry is Booming.

Whether it is at work or in your circle of friends, notice how people tend to be discouraged and uncertain about their future.  They are going through some dark moments in their lives.

They are looking for hope, inspiration and encouragement. That’s your calling. You are the one who will light the candle in those dark hours. Don’t shy away.

Every time I mention to someone that I’m a motivational speaker, I often hear something like, “My company can really use you right now. Morale is very low at work.”

People are starving for hope, encouragement and more meaning. Your calling is to help them cope. And you will get paid well to do so. But more importantly, you get to make a difference. You get to change lives for the better. Talk about living and leaving a legacy!


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