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The Myth About Commanding Big Fees As A Motivational Speaker

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Two days ago, I delivered a keynote presentation for a group of women entrepreneurs. Standing ovation! I left them ecstatic and fired up to dash to the summit of success in their respective business!

Later, I was in my room reflecting on my speaking journey. I was wondering about the magic bullet that catapulted me to the top as a motivational speaker.

I got an instant revelation! I got so excited; I wanted to crack open the champagne. I’m sure you know the feeling when you suddenly experience a flash of brilliant insight. Right?

So kick back and chill out. I want to share my big reveal with you so you, too, can shift gear and get on the fast-track in your speaking career.

Here it is:

You probably are thinking to get paid as a motivational speaker. You need knowledge, skills, experience, this that or the other. Or you need a degree or be a top-notch speaker.


I want to debunk that myth for you.

Yes. You do need to be a good speaker. That’s a given. But that doesn’t take much. That comes with platform hours. No biggie.

Here’s what I mean…

When I first launched my speaking biz, my fee was $500 for a speech. (I didn’t know better.) That was a DUMB mistake.

Today, my check for a one-hour keynote is $10,000 plus all expenses.

The Ugly Truth About This

I’m still giving the same speech. And I’m still sharing the same stories and points.

Simply put, I went from $500 to $10,000 without any significant shift in content and delivery.

Well, okay. I do have more experience now. But I paid some gurus a hefty price for it – money I didn’t have. Hint: Plastic cards.

That means you can buy all the experience you want. You can slash your learning curve by leaps and bounds.

However, I told you it was not about that. Starting out, I had none.

When I hung my shingle and proclaimed I was a motivational speaker; I was making $4.25 an hour and some tips. I was still learning English.

Audacity? …Hell yeah!

The thing is, nobody knew about me. I didn’t have any testimonials or references.

I was an unknown and obscure Haitian immigrant carrying bags at a hotel – in debt and hanging by a thread.

My English was rough. I cringe when I listen to my first recording from years ago.

Some words I can’t even understand myself. I wonder how the audience managed to get my points.

Now, do you want to know how come I command that much money for the same speech today?

Cool! Make sure you write it down.

It’s Not About The WHAT. It’s About The WHO.

The higher your fee is, the more they pay you for WHO YOU ARE instead of WHAT you are.

Look at it this way.

You may be a motivational speaker or a lawyer, or an account. That’s what you are. We all know there’s a price expectation for what you are.

For example, if you are a writer, the national association of writers might publish a suggested price guide.

They might recommend you charge from $20 to $100 depending whether you are a beginner or and advanced level writer. That’s just to illustrate. I don’t know for sure.


The WHO has no ceiling. There are so many polished speakers with deeper knowledge who are struggling to get paid 2k while I get 10K.

Think of Oprah Winfrey. She makes a boatload of money. She is the richest black woman in the world.

Does that mean she is more talented, gifted, and experienced than the other people who are on TV?


So, what does it takes? Answer:

Be A Fascinating Person Who ATTRACTS And Arrests Attention!

Radiate the following: Mystery. Influence. Intrigue. Charm. Charisma. Celebrity.

The good news is, you are not born with any of those. But, you can engineer them.


Well, here are a few things among many you can work on:

  1. Get brilliant on STORIES… that’s where you can make the most impact and money
  2. Create videos for YouTube – Be a talk show host there
  3. Have your O type magazine
  4. Write articles or special reports
  5. Have a person with the presence of a news anchor to interview you
  6. Share your opinions about things or philosophies
  7. Write a book, etc.

Perception IS reality!

Every single thing I just mentioned is EASY TO DO. Do not over complicate it.  Most people get stuck because of complexity.

Look, if a little guy from poverty and diseases from tiny village in Haiti can do it, you can too!

Make sure you target one particular problem that bug millions of people. Something like time management, self-esteem, bullying, etc.

Of course, those people need to have money; or make sure companies are willing to sponsor you to reach them.

As a result, you will now be busy enough to activate the law of scarcity. And bam! You are ready to fly high!

That’s what happened to me.

Today, it’s not easy to get access to me. That was never my intention. But, it is what it is.

Lots of people email and write to ask me questions. Others want me to mentor them.

Unfortunately, I cannot spend time one-on-one to coach, mentor, and answer questions for free.

I can only take the time to answer general questions here on this blog when I can rearrange my schedule to do so.

The reality is, if I were devoting my time to dispense free advice, I would have to work 365 days, full time. There are way too many requests. That means I would never be able to eat and pay my rent.

I’m not complaining. That’s a nice problem to have. You’ll have the same problem soon if you stay with it and do the things I suggest to you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a giver. I love giving! I give my time and money to the needy children in Haiti. I also mentor a few selected people.

Okay, Here’s The Big Takeaway:

I just peeled back the curtain and revealed the magic formula to you.

Work on the WHO. Become a fascination person who commands and arrests attention.

That strategy works anywhere on the planet – regardless of your current status. How you go about it may be different. But the process is the same.

By the way, when you become that kind of person, your future fans will hang on to your words. Regardless if they heard them before. They will feel more compelled to take action.

Before I hit the publish button, let me ask you…

What are you struggling with now? What’s your frustration? What’s stopping you? Type it in the comment box below.


  1. Speaker Smith

    Thank you for sharing your great experience. Motivational speaker helps everyone to think something better in all situations and find the best way to achieve any task.

  2. Ms. Cassie

    Hello Rene, Thank you so much for the information you share to help people like myself that are looking to start a career in speaking. I must say you are indeed heaven sent and my angel. I found you online when I was googling how to become a motivational speaker about 3 years ago. At the time, I had settled into my bill paying job and lost sight of my passion and gift. I went on to get my certification as a life coach and I am currently working on completing my book I started several years ago however, fear had paralyzed me. Recently, I lost my job and have decided that the worst day of my life is the best day of my life and I am choosing to make the rest of my life the best of my life.” – Louise Hay. I have always been an encourager and a motivator this time I have found myself working hard at motivating a group of people that wasn’t interested in moving forward. I didn’t have the sense or the nerve to step out, I believe God loved me enough to push me forward and I am grateful. Recently, I made the decision to get back on track and my confirmation came from you when I received your email, thank you.

    I don’t have a video or anything yet but I will work on putting things in order. My book is about overcoming life’s challenges and to identify the obstacles, barriers, or anything that might be holding them back like our life experiences and limiting beliefs. I have been working with youth for many years and would like to continue but I also want to broaden my scope with a focus in offering the solution on, “changing your focus.” I would like your thoughts on that please.

  3. Mavis soortan

    Hi Rene thank you so much for all the emails I received from you they are really helpful. the truth is I started long time ago with my speaking career I just was not making money out of it, because I did not know how but now I am well informed thank you so much

  4. Shavonne Drummond

    Hi your journey is amazing! Rene I am not living my dream and I am carrying a great burden inside. I am a full time 4.0 student and I work a minimum of 12 hours per day 5 days a week as a caregiver. I am a new author. Speaking, teaching through life’s experiences, and counseling others is my papassion. What risks do I take to make the transition. It seems that what want to do as no guaranteed finanes. So I have been nervous about taking the risk to jump out there and risk it all. Help

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Shavonne,

      There’s no risk and there are no guarantees except what you believe to be true. Not matter what, you’ll always win – either experience/knowledge or financial rewards.

      I don’t know what your book is about. I don’t know what is your message, market, and the problem you can help them solve. Simply put, I don’t know the transformation you can inspire in others.

      I mean… To go from what to what. It’s hard for the doctor to prescribe a solution without in-depth consultation.

      But the good guidance I have been giving you here and in the videos is what works. Somehow, most people think if it is that simple, it won’t work.

      Work on the WHO instead of the WHAT. Read the post above for how to do it.

  5. Lydia

    Great push from that writeup. But, I don’t just know where to start. Have ideas and topics I’ve written down yet I don’t know what is pulling me back. I really want to reach out to many and I know it’s a passion to spread knowledge but I don’t know how to go about it. Usually I read such write ups like this but after I do, I feel more confused. The feeling is “I really want to move forward yet still at the same spot”. It just takes me back to zero. Hmmmmm! Don’t know what to do

    • Rene Godefroy


      The problem is confusion. You need simplicity. You already have the power, talents, and gifts to do this. They are all inside of you. “Great is He that is in you than He that is in the world.”

      You start with one video at a time, one special report or article at a time, one blog post at a time, etc. Just do ONE THING now!

      Every time you create one thing, celebrate. Paralysis analysis will cause you to freeze and do nothing. I started in the speaking business while working a full-time job. I had no money and I was in debt.

      All the money I paid for coaching and attend events was on my last credit card… luckily I had the last one.

      You need to know what you want to motivate your tribe to do. You must first have a topic or theme. When someone ask you what you do, it’s not enough to say you are a motivational speaker. Make the response more intriguing.

      I help single women do WHAT so they can have WHAT? Look, it’s not enough to have a book full of poems. You need something that promises specific results.

      Even in your speech, you need to set the expectations up front. “Today I’m going to share with you how to…”

      You must determine the market or person who desperately needs to hear and act on your message.

      More importantly, share your compelling stories and make them mean something to the listen in the context of his or her life.

      Simplicity. Think of it this way:

      If you were teaching a new language to a foreigner, how would you start? What would be the first step and second and third?

  6. maureen george

    I am always excited to hear from you! You motivate me. However I work full time in a job I do not like and can’t find time to do the motivational speaking which I love so much. Could I retire and come to America and join you? I could an excellent assistant. I
    am serious.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Maureen,

      You can make a difference anywhere. Fortunately, we are living in a world with no barriers or boundaries today.

      I already have an assistant. I already have mentees.

      I want you to be the guru where you are!

  7. Dallas Johnson

    Hi Rene..
    I’ve been receiving your email for some time now. I’ve pulled the trigger. My book is in the editing process at the moment, Im putting together an online presence (against my will I might add) and will have a website soon. In all honesty i wanted to do this anyway but had some things to do first. Your messages have neen inspiring though…and have normally arrived at opertune moments. Thanks for sharing. I respect your..”bite off more than u can chew, fake it till u make it and “wont be denied” fervor. I too, hope to share a stage with you one day.
    Dallas Johnson

    • Rene Godefroy

      Congratulations Dallas! Never look back. The power to do change people’s lives and accumulate wealth along the way is within you. There’s a part of you that knows and have everything you need. Access it. Also, remember to keep it simple!

  8. greg

    Wow great advice I have been following you since day one I am a pacific islander from Niue and my business is up and thriving.
    I just can’t stop sharing my message to people who need the help and you are helping me, and I am so ever grateful to you.
    It’s the greatest feeling ever and the best part is I’m writing two books and I’m learning as I go and really enjoying my journey I know I will be sharing a stage with you and I will thank the audience that day for your great advice and passion you have as you see I started in concierge my self in 1999 I am very familiar with your story as I started with people laughing and rejecting me.
    And now I stand high as an achiever thank you.

  9. keisha

    Hurricane Katrina and resiliency, I am a young black female doctor and very attractive. does anyone care?

    • Rene Godefroy

      Not sure what you mean Keisha by does anyone care.

  10. Nontuthuzelo

    Hi Rene,
    I have not started anything yet, what I did once last year was to motivate the Grade 12 students in a nearby school in South Africa in the Eastern Cape. The students and the teachers were so thrilled cause mostly I spoke about my experiences as a student and the youth is what I intend to motivate most. My problem is still the confidence and the stage freight. I really am not sure where to start as I have a full time job as an investigator which is so challenging.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Don’t worry about confidence. That comes with platform hours. Speak any time, anywhere, and for any amount.

      Speak for free or paid, for 2 people or 2,000 people. When I started, my confidence level was zero! Nada!

  11. Art

    Hi Rene,

    Art Drentlau here we talked a while back, I may have told you some of this before however I don’t know if you got it. I signed a deal with Balbao Press a division of Hay House to publish my book. I am going to shorten what I had written and add updates from my most resent teachers. The book is called The First Law of Freedom subtitle Responsibility. I will send you a copy! I finished my Manifesto and my website will soon be up. I have a lot of stories I as you have suggested. The Statue of Responsibility Project is about to move into high gear and that will help me launch my Motivational Speaking career. Thanks again! Art

    • Rene Godefroy

      Way to go Art! You have a lot going for you. Your project is HUGE! Kudos! Keep pressing on!

  12. Divya Ghai

    Thanks Rene….you are awesome as always. I am about to finish my book as per your guidance…..i have been an academician for almost a decade….so i am very passionate about issues related to youth, undergraduates and graduates. But there are so many issues related to them, i mean like how to focus on being a better student, how to improve your employability, drug abuse, relatioships and so on. I feel a holisticapproach is required for improving them so how do i decide which areas to focus on as you mentioned? Another thing which bothers me is that people tell me that there is no money in speaking to students so i will be able to speak only for charities!!! Do u agree?? I plan to start my NGO for the same, is it a good ideaor shud i focus on speakig only?? Please guide on these matter.
    Thanks for everything you do.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Divya,

      It doesn’t matter what they say. There’s no shortage of money. Every school system in the world has money – including the one in my country, Haiti.

      Most of us in the US started in the schools. Then we moved on to corporate.

      Focus on the topic that is the most pressing problem. You can offer the others as backends later. However, enter with ONE. Be known as the definitive expert on one topic.

      • Divya Ghai

        Thanks a lot Rene, effective as always!!

  13. Theophilus Hunge

    Thanks, Rene. You really got me excited and made me to hope again. I will work on those admonitions. Keep flying.

  14. Annett Lehmann

    Rena i had jot down some topic i want to write about but really i do not know how to start it was before i got contact with you , now reading your’s emails it pumping me but still saying i can do it i like helping peoples in difficults times my job is a pratical nursing caring bug there is an inner me i want to be a motivating person living in Germany where can i started .can you give me some advice on this .how to made a video on you tube and so on ,make me puzzel

    • Rene Godefroy


      The way to start is to start. Do one thing from what I have been sharing with you. Review the insights I shared. I am going to announce a group coaching where I will teach all the nuts and bolts or the mechanics. You will learn how to create youtube videos. No problem.

  15. farai

    Hi Rene

    I so happy to ready from this blog. the comments from other people have moved mi and motivated me. Im coming to know you even better than before. mi story then seem to be the least trilling of all the already listed but anyway l will share it though.

    Im still to learn how to speak good and fluent English . im still a college student. the only chances l used where class presentations, church presentations to show case mi interest in speaking. but whenever l get the chance to do this l floor. lm not confidence with mi english. l attended school in 3rd class schools so l dnt hv a commend to the language.

    i usually keep myself with a book so that l could make use of very minute of my life towards my desire. l dress to kill when it comes to formal. the only limiting factor is income since lm still at college and l depend to my parents. but im not worried so much since in a month time lm finishing my primary degree.

    but mi question is on stories, where can l get stories and what type of stories should l gather.

    Rene you are awesome.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Thanks for sharing Faraj! The fact that you are here tells me a lot about you. Most people at your age are totally disengaged. You are in touch with the genius within you. Keep reading and watching the videos.

  16. Lalitha

    Hi Rene.
    I believed the only thing that is stopping me is MYSELF.
    What frustrate me most is each time when I am ready to start, out of the blue I lost it again.I was so fitness trainer,pageant title holder,an ambassador for youth health club in 2013.And then suddenly without warning in 2014 My knees, neck and spine was hurting so bad went to hospital,I was diagnose by a doctor that I have cervical spine & neck degeneration.Always tried to be and stay positve.Things got worse I had to go for knee operation in Nov 2015.Its been 6 months I am still recovering from my post op and most my movements are resticted due to the degeneration neck and spine.Following that I lost my job.I went into depression and I have also put so much of weight now because lack of exercise.Everyday I tell myself that I am destined for greater things and cry to sleep.The next day I will still tell myself that I am capable of much more.I believe that things happen for a reason.I am going to show the world that healing can happen when we believe.And thats what exacly I am going to do.And when I stumble on your site, The healing has begun

    • Rene Godefroy

      Lalitha, thanks for sharing your amazing story with us and for not giving up. You are like a caterpillar inside the cocoon. It hurts to break out of the pouch. But when you do, you are going to fly high my friend. Also, your healer is within you. It’s the part of you that has a direct connection with God.

      Some call it the subconscious mind. Pray hard at night before you fall asleep. Say affirmative words such as, “my body is healed – by His stripes. I’m feeling great again.” Visualize yourself totally healed and feeling great again. Feel it. This is not conceptual stuff. This is real. It works.

      The Healer can heal you. I guarantee you that prayer works. Just know when you pray, it is done unto you. Remove any doubt. Greater is he that is inside you than he that is in the world. Do you remember that passage from the Bible? By the way, I love your fighting spirit. You are earning your stripes to empower millions.

  17. pooja pednekar

    Hey Rene
    The answer to ur question is I am girl from a middle class family whos got her family responsibilities from on her shoulders from day one when I got a job , I have to do a job to get bread n butter for my family and also with that I’m helping myself to get my dream completed , life’s dam tuff rene specially when u have to balance urself from all sides. But I am 108 percent sure I’ll get through it but in this struggle phase though how much I try to be tuff sometime I fall down . When I see my parents upset due to financial problems n I’m not able to help them I fall down . I wanna become a successful writer in fact m working on it n I know one day I’ll become what I want

    • Rene Godefroy

      Poola, feeling upset is good. When we are mad, we become very creative and innovative. We find a way! You are going to make your family very proud of you. Press on!

  18. kayakvizhi.k

    I want to become a great motivational speaker. the problem is, I am not able to converse continuously in english. I need to speak very fluently and need to concentrate more on vocabulary & accent. Above all, due to the above lacunae, I am bit hesitant to deliver things in front of mass without paper.
    I want to deliver things without any fear. To be much outspoken, I want to pull out my hidden potentials & burst out barriers like accent, fear, etc .
    What should I do now? I need to get more practise. Is there any guideline from your end? How much should I pay?

    pl let me know

    • Rene Godefroy

      Just be authentic. Tell more stories. When you are on stage, tell your stories as if you were talking to a friend. Audiences prefer authenticity over intellect. It’s a lot easier to remember your stories. Just inject them with takeaways so the audience can relate.

  19. Tarun

    Hello Rene,

    It is such a privilege to see your post & information you share for helping people who are in the business of speaking or planning to take a big leap into it. I was earlier in a decent job but could not continue because of my inner instinct asking me to start something of my own. I left that job & now I not been able to manage things happening in my business.
    CONFUSED – In terms of marketing, sales & promotion of my services. I have very tight budgets & I know you started from the scratch too. How to reach out to prospects. How to work on social media. Content structuring & lot more……. Can you help me with some solution to set the ball rolling.

    Best Regards

    • Rene Godefroy

      Tarun, you cannot reach the world. Most people do not have a clue who specific need the solution or transformation they are offering. You must speak to a group of people who can identify and relate with you.

      Yes. Social media can be very confusion. First, you need content to share. Also, choose one platform to start.

      Here’s the formula: The right message + the right market + the right media = mega success

      That’s why you have to determine your market – people with the problem that your solution is for. You decide. Next, determine your message/topic. Then, find out where those people converge or gather – online and offline. Finally, create content they will find useful. Kind of like I’m doing it here.

  20. Laurance

    Hi Rene, What i like is that you keep it simple, clear and exciting.
    I’ve been following you for about 3 years now, was inspired by you to write my own book, and simply enjoy your positive messages.
    Keep it up, we need more positivity in this world.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Thank you, Laurence. Congratulations on your book! You are an action taker. Way to go!

  21. Amos Fon

    Thanks so very much Rene. My name is Amos. I am in Cameroon in Africa.
    Rene, I am very convinced that if I spend sometime with you, I will accomplish enormous feats my life.
    I need your assistance.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Amos, I’m glad you found this site. I have already shared a lot of videos on how to build your speaking empire here. I created the videos because I discovered many people simply could not afford to pay for my coaching program.

  22. Jo

    Thanks Rene, I loved the positive outlook approach. I can relate to some of your spoken words. It’s like entertaining people, when you capture their attention, you have to perform with a beat and rhythm. Most people love stories, most of us grew up listening to stories being told by our parents and grandparents, and reading the bible best stories every. Our lives is a story, and most people like hearing a story. I get it, it’s not hard, just challenging to get started. You have laid down a good foundation of getting up and just doing it. Bill Stacy, looks does not matter, it’s all about the stories, energy, and speaking the truth that will captivate your audience. If you have charm your energy will do the rest.

    Thanks again Rene,

    • Rene Godefroy

      Right on the money Jo! Stories. Stories. Stories.

  23. Lou-Ellen

    Rene, I am in towards the end of writing my book. Now I need to decide if I want to self publish (and how to do so) or if I want to find a publisher to do it for me. I also have tons of ideas for children books too.

    I want to be a motivational speaker. I am in toastmasters right now and I enjoy making people laugh. I also like it when they understand the important speeches I give them. EX: on abuse. It’s a very serious topic and I have noticed it coming out more and more. I lived it, survived it and I’m finally ready to tell my story so that it may help others.

    I have my own website, although, I have to admit, I don’t know how often to update it and if it’s appropriate to put personal stuff on there, like when I play with my grandchildren, etc.

    Is there any advice you can share/give me to help me get on a stage? To perform and give my abuse story the words need hearing? Do you know a publicist for my abuse book and one for my children’s books?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. One of my downfalls, is, I’m barely living paycheck to paycheck. My credit cards are being used more than being paid off.

    Thanks for listening and all you do.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Lou-Ellen,

      You need some clarity. Decide on ONE problem you can solve for a group of people. Then create all your videos, blog posts, and/or articles to offer solutions to the problem.

      This thing is not complicated. Simplify. Simplify. One problem.

      Allow the market to know what you stand for – what is your movement about so you can get invited to speak.

      Read Bill’s comment here. He’s solving one problem – money worries!

      When I started, I was in deep debt too. I didn’t have money. I had to deprive myself of the things that are NOT critical to my survival.

      So, don’t think because you are struggling, you can’t do this speaking thing.

      Keep your chin up. Be encouraged. God has some surprises for you in store. Trust. Believe.

      I receive some many emails every day about the same situation you are in.

      Press on!

  24. chellani cooper

    I think u answer my questions already…..My focus is kids and bullying…..So how do u get an engagements…..Do u go to places and ask or what????

    • Rene Godefroy

      Chellani, take your time and read the post again to really get what I’m sharing. Don’t browse. Relax and read.

  25. Petra Groves

    If I had any doubts before ..I am now a full blown believer in the secret of the “Law of attraction! “… I have began my book…and began embarking on the art of Spoken Word.. Its actually the introduction of every chapter and I’ve began reaching out to enter Open Mikes forum in Trinidad.
    With the growth of the art by book is in company with a growing voices!
    I have been seeing the opportunity to make myself known and by ” word of mouth’ my name is moving around… So your plan is certainly in gear for me. The YouTube vids are a wonderful idea and I intend to follow your every word…thank you…I am at a point where I have began to brisk walk in jogging….soon I’ll be running as a member of Toastmasters International dynamic speakers and its only matter of time I will be sending you an e-mail to grace your presence with me on a stage. Its in motion!!!!! Thank you!

    • Rene Godefroy

      Way to go Petra! Right on! I spoke in Tobago at the Dwight Yoke Stadium. I might go back next year.

  26. Bill Stacy

    Thank you Rene – excellent message as always.

    As you know, I’ve been following your advice to write my book which is now finished and at the printer. I used to speak on stage in a different arena so I have almost zero stage fright (just the healthy amount) so that’s not an issue for me.

    My biggest problem is the excuses I constantly feed myself as to why I’m not back up on stages right now speaking and helping people. Are you suggesting that it might be worth starting at a fee such as yours from the outset? I have no doubt I can deliver and audiences will be satisfied, excited and educated but I don’t have any (video) proof of my ability to deliver (yet) as all my delivery has been performed over the last 10 years in one on one single consultations. This is why I know my material so well.

    Another issue I (sadly) have to admit is holding me back is physical appearance. Let’s put it this way… I’m no athlete…if you follow my drift. How important is physical appearance? I’ve always been a super casual guy and don’t feel like I’m being authentic when I dress up as a “professional”. with a business shirt and tie. I’m ok appearing neat, clean and tidy but in my dream I’m appearing on stages in a hot rod t-shirt and jeans…haha.

    Do you have any words of advice for people who aren’t really sure how to best present themselves or develop a stable body image (yes, even for us guys) so that confidence and content shines through?

    Also, living in Australia has it’s limits. I think my audience is primarily in the U.S. Do you have any suggestions for people trying to break into the U.S. as speakers?

    Thanks Rene.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Bill,

      Unfortunately, people buy from people who look like they are living their dreams. Your book is about money – for anybody reading this comment, hurry up and grab a copy. It’s amazing!
      You can get it here or on amazon:

      Bill, unless you have a big mansion and fast cars to show or your name is Mark Zuckerberg, you need to look the part. I know you made a few millions in the past.

      But, your market doesn’t know that. Even if you told them, they need some kind of proof. If you don’t have proof, you cannot show up with T-Shirts and Jeans.

      You have to assume that no one believes anything you say at first unlesss there’s proof.

      I’m not sure why people ignore privacy and security by showing where they live and what they drive. But, many are doing so.

      Some even rent those shiny things to use as baits. You know what I mean.

      Here’s my best advice for you so you can get around wearing a suit and tie:

      Start wearing some quality black golf shirts with the name of your movement on it in gold. Also, wear some nice khaki pants and shiny shoes. Somehow, you have to look the part.

      For videos, you don’t have to show yourself on a stage. You are the money guy sharing money secrets. Start shooting videos with your cell phone or a DLSR camera.

      If you are not afraid of sharing your best content (you shouldn’t), people will start believing and following you.

      That’s how you will get invited to speak on stages.

      There’s no way you are talking about money and charge $500. No!!!!

      You are better off doing a free preview seminar than offer your coaching program or advanced training.

      You know how that is. Right?

      Since you won’t have enough time to share everything, share the BIG ideas about money and some nuts and bolts – enough to start the transformation. Or, enough they can go out and make some money.

      Then they can pay for you to hold their hands and show them the step by step.

      • Bill Stacy

        As usual…EXCELLENT advice Rene. I have many big house/’rentaghini’ photos but of course (as you know) that’s not my message. But I get your point – thanks.

        I do like the idea of sharing my best content. Going that way is a lot less stressful (than trying to hide it and worrying about piracy) and it helps more people than forcing them to buy the full experience. Let’s test it on the matrix…

        Does it feel good? Yep
        Is it good for me? Yep
        Is it good for others? Yep
        Does it serve the greater good? Yep

        And thanks for the link! You’re a super star and fantastic supporter.


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