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How To Craft A Powerful Keynote Speech

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How To Craft a Killer Speech:

1) Focus On The Stories
You must become a GREAT STORYTELLER. Life is nothing but storytelling in the making. Every great wise man told stories to sell their ideas. Stories are the way to persuade.

For thousands of years people have been using them to cause others to march on. They still do today. Every movie is a story. Come to think of it, I told you a story about me at the beginning. Didn’t I?

2) Be An Observer & A Collector
What I mean by that is to really begin to understand what makes you tick. We all go through the same circle of emotions.

Once you truly understand what makes you take action, you can use the “how” to help others take action. In reality, we all go through the same emotional process.

Today more than ever, the world is full of incredible events. But people are caught up in the big head stuff. Your job is to observe and collector the small heart stuff. If it touches your heart, it’s worth noting for future.

3) Keep A Story Diary
Buy yourself a diary and start jotting down stories. It doesn’t really matter if it happens to you or someone else. Make a note of it. Again, I don’t mean just the big stories. The small ones are often so precious and humorous.


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