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It’s Not About Your Education or Background

by | How To Become A Motivational Speaker | 6 comments

It Isn’t About Your Impressive Background Or Education

I’m VERY serious about it. Regardless of your background or education, with little efforts, you can become an authority in your field in no time.

Let’s see, diet is one topic that has been around for hundreds of years if not thousands. I don’t think someone can come up with new concepts or ideas about it.

But do you notice how many books are written on diet? Are these authors saying anything new?  No. I think they are saying the same things in a different way.

I’ll never forget when Dr. Phil, the television self-help guru, became a best seller for his book on dieting. He had a big show about dieting on prime time television where millions watched. I thought to myself, “What qualifies this man to talk about dieting?”

Nothing! Except his bragging rights about the fact that he said his brother died of obesity.

My friend, if you really take the time to know how, you can join the ranks of experts in your field in a relatively short time. You see being an authority is the fastest way to make it in the speaking industry today and command big fees.

The days when one could cook up a bunch of empty platitudes, clichés and book reports are long gone. People want to hear your opinion.

They want to know that you OWN the topic. They want to walk away with a fresh spin on what they already knew. But more importantly, they want you to tell them what to do right after they hear you to get better results in their lives.

Make sense? Great!

That’s how you move an audience. And like I said, everyone is capable of positioning himself or herself as the divine expert in a field. Here’s how…


  1. Rene Godefroy

    Alright Robin,

    First of all, let me say, congratulations on your successes. I’m impressed!

    The first thing you need to think about is what group of people you would appeal to. Only you know the answer to that question.

    You know the kind of people you can click with. In my opinion, I think you should start thinking about the market first than the topic.

    Based on what I read in your comment, you can decide to speak on a variety of topics. But I don’t want to. You should stay on one lane and stay there.

    You want to be perceived as an expert… Not a jack of all trades. The wealthy doctors are often the specialists. Hmmmm… that’s good hint.

    Now, you must love the topic you choose–whatever it is. Maybe you want to speak on leadership, customer service, media crisis, diversity, marketing, sales, conflict resolution, etc.

    You can you see how you might be able to talk on any of the above topics? Alright, now which one do you love? Okay, keep in mind this list is not a complete list.
    You may decide to talk on something completely different.

    Stay with me. I will be making some more suggestions later.

  2. robin

    I have had a speaking career through a non-profit. I am venturing out on my own and I am burnt out of the topic that I spoke about for so long. I do not know my niche or what I should speak on. I love my life! I have a successful modeling, acting and TV hosting career. I have also been a travel agent and tour guide for years. I want to add speaking back into my life becasue I want to be more in control of my career and not work on such long projects that my career demands. Meaning I am away from home sometime 2 weeks at a time.

    I also enjoy sharing good information with people. I have looked through speaking websites but I do not see many young women who have speaking careers so it is hard to see what others have been doing to jog my brian of ideas. Can you help? I want to get a program but I need to have a vision…and then I can quickly learn the steps.

  3. Yuvraj Shekhawat

    Dear Rolando Castro,
    Its never about attending story-telling classes…bcoz motivation is not just about story-telling, its about presenting ta situation in a perspective that helps the peron see oppurtunities in the situation and solutions in the problem itself!
    give out an energy that fires up the soul, and the lo! the person is ready to attack the problems with the energy he never knew to be present within him!!!!

  4. Rolando Castro

    I want to pursue a career as a motivational speaker, but I am a bit confused and don’t know where and how to start. Are there any classes on story telling or speech classes you can consider to help gain the confidence to move an audience? Please, any information will help since I am very serious about pursuing a career as a motivational speaker. thank you very much and God Bless!

    • Rene Godefroy


      Your best bet is to join Toastmasters International right away. I am not sure where you live. But I know in America there are several local Toastmasters’ club in every city.

      Go to their web site to find more information:

      That was the first place I went to when I started. Believe it or not, all the big names in speaking started that way. They joined Toastmasters to polish their presentation skills.

  5. Leisa Douglas

    Hi Rene,

    You are so right there’s nothing new under the sun as they say. Looks great!



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